Your Guide to Choosing A Level English Study Aids

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Your Guide to Choosing A Level English Study Aids

A Level English is more challenging that GCSE English, but the right study aids can help you make the most of this course. You can find a variety of A Level English study aids on eBay. Before shopping, learn how to identify your study needs, how to research the study aids available, and how to choose guides that supplement learning.


How to Identify Your A Level English Study Needs

Teaching methods for A Level English differ greatly from those at GCSE level. In this advanced course, you need to form and defend your own opinions about texts. This means that you need to do additional reading and research, and study aids can help you understand the course work. Identifying your learning needs is crucial to finding the best study aids for you. Consider what aspects of the subject you need to polish. This can include anything from essay writing to preparing and delivering oral presentations to identifying themes in literature. Use your test and essay marks to pinpoint areas that require improvement. List the types of work you find difficult, such as poetry or textual analysis, and use this to guide your study aid selection. Research the books and guides available to ensure that those you choose suit your needs.


How to Research A Level English Study Aids

Numerous publishers and authors, including York Notes, Philip Allan Literature Guides, and Spark Notes, offer A Level English study aids. Research the guides available by reading customer and expert reviews. If possible, visit your local library and browse the study aids available, or ask your fellow students to show you the guides they use. Focus on the level of detail the guides offer to establish whether they are suited to your needs. Some guides offer summaries of prescribed works and limited notes and analyses that may not be suitable for advanced English studies. Your teacher is one of your best research sources. Ask him or her for advice about study guides. 


Choosing A Level English Study Aids that Supplement Learning

Instead of choosing study aids that do the work for you, opt for guides that teach you how to develop your critical thinking and language skills. Although this is more difficult than using notes, it is a thorough approach that teaches you academic skills you need. Student editions of novels often include commentaries and useful notes for analysis. Linguistics guides offer exercises and definitions that help you understand how language works and how to deconstruct texts through inspecting linguistic elements and language use. A Level English practice books and revision guides help prepare you for tests and examinations by providing examples and answers to old exam questions. This is particularly helpful when preparing for A Level English Literature exams. Look for new and used books that offer criticisms about the texts you study to improve your understanding of them.

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