Your Guide to Choosing A-Level Maths Study Aids

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Your Guide to Choosing A-Level Maths Study Aids

Advanced level, or A-level mathematics, is a qualification for further education. Those who have reached adulthood following a two-year course at a sixth form or college traditionally take it. A-level maths consists of six modules; the best-achieved score in each module, after necessary retakes, contributes to your final grade.



Many study aids, such as "A-level Mathematics: The Complete Course for Edexcel", include multiple textbooks. Each textbook is specifically tailored for one of the six modules as indicated on the front cover. The four standard, or core modules, include Edexcel C1, Edexcel C2, Edexcel C3, and Edexcel C4; either you or your school chooses the other two modules. The core modules incorporate major topics in maths, including logarithms, differentiation, integration, and geometric and arithmetic progressions. Still, the two chosen modules, while ultimately a matter of personal preference, often include S1 and M1, or statistics and mechanics, respectively. Edexcel A-level Maths features easy to comprehend notes and step-by-step examples on all course topics covered. It also includes a series of practice questions to test reader understanding as well as reviews and exam-style questions at the end of each section. An answer guide is located at the back of the book for quick reference. In addition to the text, the Edexcel maths book also comes with a CD-ROM that contains two complete practice-exam papers.



Many A-level study aids come in textbook form, while others are completely digitised. Still, others offer a mixture of the two. Choosing the right format is ultimately a matter of personal preference. Many students prefer the convenience of textbooks; these study aids can be easily taken on the go. On the other hand, computerised study aids, often in the form of CD-ROM programmes, diminish the need to carry around cumbersome books; these study aids help students reinforce their math skills through a series of interactive exercises. If planning to invest in the latter, ensure that the A-level maths study aid is compatible with your computer's operating system.


Graphics and Content

Consider A-level maths study aids that feature high-quality graphics; these books help you stay interested and on topic. Textbooks such as "Challenging Mathematics: Bridging GCSE and A-level Maths" help you fully prepare for A-level maths with content tailored for both visual and auditory learners. Written by an experienced A-level author, this student textbook suits both classroom and independent study. For ease of learning, the GCSE maths book is divided into an explanation section and a practice section. Text boxes with worked-out examples further aid in understanding. An answer guide to practice questions is located at the back of the book for quick reference. Additionally, the removable practice exams can help you test your comprehension.

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