Your Guide to Choosing A-level Science Study Aids

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Your Guide to Choosing A-level Science Study Aids

Preparing for A-level sciences can be daunting, but with the appropriate preparation, you can feel confident and ready to get the marks you desire. A-level science study aids give you control over revision so you can prepare at your own pace and advance when you are comfortable. Evaluating the different options for study aids helps you choose one right for your learning style.


A-level Science Revision Guides

Science revision guides provide extensive, thorough guides for an overview of larger topics. Several options are available, including AQA science revision guides that offer revision guidance for students aspiring for A-level courses. These advanced revision guides explore science subjects in-depth, specifically to help students revise for A-level science exams. When shopping for science books, be sure to check the edition and publication date, as older editions often contain obsolete information and may lack important information for the newest versions of the exams.



During exam revision, practical tactics help you think critically and prepare for the process of internalising information and reporting it as answers. Workbooks are the ideal supplement to revision guides for just this purpose. Generally geared toward specific school levels, these workbooks offer exercises that guide you through the topic and test your understanding at the end of each segment. An AQA Biology revision book or one on chemistry, for example, allows you to work through individual lessons and then go through practice quizzes and exams to gauge your understanding before moving on. When purchasing a workbook, confirm it does not have writing or other markings.


Subject Guides

In-depth study guides offer a deeper, more detailed investigation of specific subjects within the larger subject. A-level biology, A-level chemistry, and A-level physics, among others, provide intensive revision into those particular subjects for focused, streamlined studying. An A-level chemistry or biology book, for instance, would be ideal if you are specifically studying only those topics or need further assistance with those concepts. Be sure to check the contents carefully to ensure you choose the right guide, such as human biology versus animal-focused biology.


DVD Revision Aids

In situations in which reading is simply not enough to fully absorb information, science DVD revision aids offer more interactive learning opportunities. These educational DVDs feature individual lessons presented in text, animated graphics, and audible cues followed by question sessions that allow you to apply your understanding immediately. These DVDs are particularly helpful when working on challenging topics that require formulas, such as in chemistry and physics, and processes difficult to express clearly in written words.

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