Your Guide to Choosing Cactus Seeds

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Your Guide to Choosing Cactus Seeds

Whether it is growing indoor plants for the home or outdoor plants for the garden, an attractive and popular plant is the cactus. Cacti are relatively easy to grow and it's fun to grow a cactus from cactus seeds. With various types, it's best to purchase cactus seeds from reputable sellers. Growing a plant from seed is easy and only takes a little knowledge.


Types of Cactus Seeds

Cacti are native to the Americas, with only a few cactus plants originating from Africa and Sri Lanka. Numerous types of cacti are available, with the most popular cactus seeds being the Christmas cactus, the Easter cactus, and the Opuntia cactus. The Christmas cactus is a forest type cactus with flowers that bloom between November and January, hence its name. Growing to about 25 centimetres in height, the Christmas cactus is moderately easy to grow and care for. The Easter cactus is another flowering cactus that blooms in April or May. Similar to the Christmas cactus, it has bright red or pink flowers. The Opuntia cactus, or Bunny Ear cactus has flat rounded pads that look like ears. These can grow to around 45 centimetres and are easy to care for and maintain.


Where to Buy Cactus Seeds

It is best to buy cactus seeds from a reputable seller. An experienced seller is able to give the right advice for choosing the best cactus for the environment and conditions. Some cacti are easier to grow than others, but the majority of cactus seeds take a number of years to grow into a large, full cactus plant. Common types of cactus seeds are readily available and relatively inexpensive. For those looking for a rare cactus seed, seek the advice of an experienced and knowledgeable person.


Reasons for Growing Cacti From Seeds

Since a cactus plant takes time, effort, and attention to grow into a large, healthy plant, a fully grown cactus plant may be expensive to buy and many prefer to grow their own from seeds. It is a fairly simple exercise, and cactus seeds can be a great way for children to learn about nature. Cactus plants are interesting to look at, hardy, and can instil a sense of achievement in a young child who has taken the time to carefully grow their chosen cactus from seed.


How to Grow Cactus Seeds

Growing most cactus seeds is relatively simple, with only a few pieces of inexpensive equipment necessary. Start with a suitable cactus pot, some nutrient soil, some sand, a water spray bottle, and a humidity tent of some sort. Be sure not to bury the seeds too deep in the soil. Once the seeds are buried just under the surface, sprinkle a small amount of fine sharp sand over the top. Water the pot with a water spray bottle, then cover gently to create a slightly humid environment. A cactus dome is a great way to ensure a happy environment to promote good growth for the cactus seeds.

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