Your Guide to Choosing a Blu-ray/DVD Recorder

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Your Guide to Choosing a Blu-ray/DVD Recorder

A Blu-ray/DVD recorder allows users to record DVDs and Blu-rays. Whether various media or family videos, a recorder safely stores video onto a recordable disc for easier storage, transportation, or use in a DVD or Blu-ray player.


Combination Blu-Ray/DVD Recorders

Many Blu-ray recorders come as combination devices with a Blu-ray/DVD player or set top box built into the device. This is the best option to conserve space, save money on different devices, and record on Blu-ray or DVD disc. Some high-end recorders may also feature it all, such as Freeview, Blu-ray playback, and Blu-ray recording. Single function devices are also available, so you can choose between them based on the current home media setup, the devices available, and personal preference. Keep in mind that many devices have different combinations of capabilities as well.


Blu-ray/DVD Recorder Features

A basic device like the Sony RDRGX350B features only Blu-Ray recording. A slightly better model like the Panasonic DMR line offers HDD recording with a 150 or 500 GB hard drive, allowing users to record to the device and then transfer to Blu-ray as needed later on. Some options like the LG HR922M offer 3D, Wi-Fi syncing so that users can sync files from a computer to record, Freeview, SD card slots, and more. Choose features based on what you need, can use, and what other devices are in the media centre. For example, recorder with Freeview is not necessary for someone who already has a Freeview box, but a USB slot might still be very useful. Moreover, if you have a 3D TV, then opt for a 3D Blu-ray recorder that can also play 3D Blu-rays. While the only standard feature is Blu-ray recording, it is easier to choose a specific model based on its desirable or useful features.


Blu-ray/DVD Recorder Brand

The main consideration should be the features, but take into account the brands already part of the home cinema system. Someone with an LG TV may have an easier time pairing a recorder from LG and that holds through across most brands. If cross-brand compatibility is not an issue, then choose based on reliability and value instead.

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