Your Guide to Choosing a Flatbed Trailer

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Your Guide to Choosing a Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed trailers provide a couple of outstanding benefits to buyers. They tend to be lighter than enclosed trailers and significantly more aerodynamic. Favoured largely by commercial companies who require heavy equipment transportation, smaller scale flatbed trailers also come in handy for many domestic users. As this type of trailer is available in so many sizes and format configurations, buyers must choose carefully according to the work they need it to do. eBay is the logical place to shop if deciding to purchase rather than hire.


Flatbed Trailer Configurations

As with most trailers, the flatbed variety varies widely in size and configuration. Depending on length, weight, and intended use, there may be two wheels in the centre or at one end, or many wheels centrally located, at each end, or at one end. A semi-trailer flatbed is an example of a trailer with many wheels because of its high weight-bearing capacity.



Flatbed trailer capacities cover every load-carrying variation. If you need a trailer for domestic purposes only, a two or four-wheel trailer with or without sides may be ideal. You can tow these trailers fully loaded with vehicles designed for the task, especially diesel-driven types such as the Mitsubishi Pajero, the Subaru Forester, or the many pickup varieties. Trailers for commercial use usually need to be larger. If you need to transport other vehicles or machinery, you will need a lorry and the relevant licence.


Choosing a Trailer

Determining the right flatbed trailer for your specific needs requires some careful research and consultation with experts. Your choice ultimately depends on the loads you intend to carry. This also determines the type of vehicle you need for towing purposes. It is possible to resolve your needed trailer type by using a mathematical weight/size ratio equation. However, this method can differ between trailer manufacturers. Domestic users should also understand what the legal restrictions are for freight carrying.


Choosing Accessories

Depending on the trailer you buy, it may or may not include the needed accessories for loading and unloading your equipment. Trailer ramps offer a safe and convenient means to prepare for many cargo transporting situations. You can purchase trailers with ramps included if preferred. By using eBay, you can also enhance or replace existing components, such as trailer lights.



It is generally false economy to purchase a cheap trailer. Whilst you may not need a top-of-the-range model, a solid construction is essential. This includes the undercarriage along with axles and wheels. As the trailer may need to withstand punishing weights, the trailer must include the recommended wheels and tyres for trailer use. Before you choose a trailer, also ensure it has any relevant certification applied.

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