Your Guide to Choosing a Garden Table

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Your Guide to Choosing a Garden Table

A garden table provides a point around which to gather, converse, and enjoy the warm weather, as well as a place to eat and drink when the weather permits. You should choose a garden table that meets the needs of your family. Considering the most important factors enables you to make the right choice when buying garden furniture.


Garden Table Size

A garden table must be in proportion to the size of the garden. A large table in a small garden dwarfs and overpowers the. Establish whether just a few close family members usually make use of the table, or whether you have lots of visitors and large groups on a regular basis. Obviously, just like a dining table, a garden table needs to be big enough to accommodate all users comfortably. space, making it appear even smaller than it is. A particularly small table in a large garden gets lost and looks very out of place. Consider the main use of the table, as this determines the size you choose


Garden Table Material

You have a huge range of garden table materials to choose from, each with different properties. Aluminium is a popular choice because it is lightweight, needs little maintenance, is very durable, available in a range of finishes, and is corrosion resistant. Steel is durable if you properly treat and maintain it to protect it against corrosion. Wicker is a popular, traditional material that is lightweight and easy to clean. Wicker garden furniture is also eco-friendly as it uses no harsh processes during construction and is biodegradable. Wooden tables are hugely popular and very attractive. With so many woods available, your choice of wooden garden tables is vast. Common choices include teak, cedar, and eucalyptus, as these are particularly strong and durable. However, wooden garden furniture needs care and regular treatment to maximise the lifespan. Plastic garden tables are lightweight and inexpensive, often with a recycled plastic construction.


Garden Table Base Type

The type of base you choose for the garden table affects the size and stability of the table. A pedestal base is suitable for a small table, but a central pedestal base does not provide a great deal of stability. A base with three legs provides moderate stability, while one with four legs provides the most stability. You can also choose a table with a hole for a large garden parasol and place the parasol in a parasol base full of sand or water. In this case, the parasol provides shade from the hot summer sun, while the base provides more stability to the table and the parasol.

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