Your Guide to Collecting Annuals

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Your Guide to Collecting Annuals

Annual collecting is a popular hobby for those who keep magazines, books, company reports, and comics. Many businesses and media companies issue annual additions in conjunction with regular monthly, quarterly, or semi annual editions. Collecting annuals can be fun and rewarding, and in some cases be a record of history.


Comic Book Annuals

Comic book readers and collectors often look forward to the issue of annual editions, which may include a deeper insight into the characters, a new story line, or the introduction of new features. Publishers often limit the number of annual editions, making them a more valuable member of the collection. Depending on the style, type, and popularity of the comic, annuals are often the most anticipated addition of the year.


Magazine Annuals

Magazines often publish annual additions that are limited in scope and may relate to a holiday, event, or time of year. Some women's vintage magazines offered Bridal Annuals, Christmas Annuals, or Summer Holiday editions. Many times these issues require a subscription and local newsagents or shops do not carry them. They often contain information on sales and special products not offered regularly. For fun and interesting gifts for birthdays and holidays, you can even find popular annual boys' and girls' magazines.


Business Annuals

Many businesses offer an annual report on the company, its progress, wealth, and future prospects. These annuals, collected over time, often tell the story of the business, inventions, and market trends that becomes historical in nature. Collectors often find that older business annuals gain value as they age and can be much in demand by vintage collectors, historians, data collectors, and loyal customers or investors.


Fictional Character Annuals

Favoured book and television characters may also have annuals, such as Dr. Who and Rupert. You can find these annuals in the form of books or videos marketed separately from normal programming. For collectors, these annuals round out and complete collections. Collectors around the world trade fictional character annuals across the globe as the publishers often limit their scope or country of publication. Japanese Animes are particularly popular with collectors as are American superheroes.


Collecting Annuals for Fun or Profit

Whilst most collectors limit their selections to those annuals in which they are most interested or already have in their collections, some are wild card collectors who try to predict the next big thing. No matter which type of collector you are, established or just starting out, it is usually a good idea to start or continue collecting items you are familiar with and enjoy owning. While you can sometimes make a profit by holding annuals for a time, which varies according to market trends, it is better to collect annuals for love, since they may not retain any value. When collecting, it may be wise to consider job lot annuals, as you can occasionally find gems hidden amongst them.

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