Your Guide to Collecting Vintage Transformers Figures

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Your Guide to Collecting Vintage Transformers Figures

Dramatic adventures and a large fan base, the Transformers series of movies, toys, and games spans generations, appealing to young and old alike. Images of toasters, cars, and airplanes transforming into alien robots have become part of the collective cultural psyche. But fans do not just enjoy collecting the new products, they also love the vintage Transformers figures from the Transformers: Generation I series, which ran from 1984 to 1991. When starting your own collection, make sure you look over some of the top Transformers GI toys and figures and decide which ones you want in your collection.


Check out the Condition of Your Vintage Transformers Figures

Always look for vintage Transformers figures that are still in the unopened box. These toys are worth more and hold their long-term value better than figures which came from opened boxes. If you purchase Transformers toys that are not in the box, inspect them carefully for signs of wear and tear. Ideally, the figure should not have chipped paint, faded colouring, scratches, grime, or broken parts. Undamaged figurines cost a lot more, so in order to stay within your budget, try to fix up older figurines with some simple cosmetic touches.


Research Top Vintage Transformers Figures

If you are entering the realm of vintage Transformers figurines to make money via resale, first figure out which models are superior in rarity and value. At the top of the charts is the Hasbro Generation 1 Blaster figure, sealed in the box. Other top figures include Ultra Magnus, Fortress Maximus, Swoop, and Shockwave. The Dinobot Sludge figure and the Dinobot Slag figure are also rare. Sets of two characters such as Rumble the Transformer and Ravage the Decepticon, or Generation 1 Transformer Frenzy and vintage Decepticon Ratbat, carry high price tags as well. More common figures, such as Fangry, Grotusque, Seawing, and Soundwave, fall at the opposite end of the price spectrum. These small figures make excellent additions to your collection as well. They are fun to collect for their colour, shape, character and functionality and not just for their resale value.


Find Accessories and Instructions for Vintage Transformers Figures

In addition to the vintage Transformers themselves, try to find the original instructions for assembly and transformation. Pairing the instructions with the figures adds value and is also practical if you let your kids play with your vintage toys. Also, look for Transformers figures that come with the original accessories. If you break a figure or purchase a damaged one, check on eBay for spare parts with which to repair it and try to restore it to its collectible status.

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