Your Guide to Creating Crafts with Organza Ribbon

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Your Guide to Creating Crafts with Organza Ribbon

Organza ribbon has a lightweight feel and stiff texture; it is often wired to better retain its shape. Its plain weave lends it a sheer appearance. These qualities make it well suited for crafts. For ultimate versatility, organza ribbon comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns, and buyers can purchase it in different widths by the yard or whole organza roll.


Organza Bows

Organza bows are the perfect finishing touch for hair clips, headbands, wreaths, and presents. To craft a bow, first determine the desired ribbon width; wired organza ribbon is readily available in widths that range from about 0.5 to 6 cm. Smaller widths tend to work best for adorning hair clips and headbands, while large organza bows prove ideal for decorating wreaths or presents. After measuring the necessary width and length, tie it into a bow, straighten the parts, and attach it to your craft with a hot glue gun.


Decorated Frames

A popular use of organza ribbon is decorating frames. When crafting, be sure to use a frame at least 2 cm wide. Next, cut 6-cm wide ribbon to match the length of each side of the frame and attach it with craft glue or spray adhesive. Using the extra ribbon, create folds along the frame. Consider adding pendants, seashells, beads, or other embellishments to the corners to complete the look.


Organza Necklaces

Organza necklaces are popular women's accessory choices. To begin the crafting process, cut the organza fabric to a desired width and length; be sure to use a commercial fray-check product or use heat from the cook top to seal the ends and prevent fraying. Next, fold one ribbon end and squeeze it inside of a fold-over crimp end. Using jewellery pliers, press both ends of the crimp together. Then, take the open end of the ribbon and slide a pendant over; attach a crimp end to that side as well. Add your jump rings and a clasp to complete the necklace.


Event Decor

Consider using wide organza ribbon to create decorative chair backs and banquet tables for a large social gathering or wedding event. First, drape the chair backs with fabric covers, then accent them with over-sized organza chair bows. For the banquet tables, simply cover with a tablecloth, drape organza ribbon swags across their fronts, and place an organza bow at the crest of each swag.



Create cone-shaped windcatchers with fabric or paper, and then attach strands of 1 cm wide organza material around the narrow end of the come. Each ribbon should be about 30 cm in length. When finished, hang the windcatcher in an outdoor setting. When the wind blows, the lightweight organza ribbon strands trail behind the cone and indicate the wind's direction.

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