Your Guide to Dressing With a Polo Neck

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Your Guide to Dressing With a Polo Neck

Polo necks are popular with men and women. They are ideal for staying warm on a cold autumn or winter day. Polo necks are versatile and you can dress them up or down to create ensembles that work for a variety of occasions. Learn about which type of trousers, jackets, shoes, and accessories work with polo necks to ensure you always look your best when you choose to wear a polo neck.


Who Should Wear Polo Necks

Polo necks are available in many different styles and cuts, and they are appropriate for men and women. They are ideal for people who like form-fitting tops, and want a very high neckline that covers most of the neck. However, some people find the high neckline uncomfortable, itchy, and restrictive. Polo necks also make the neck appear shorter, so they are not ideal for people who have short necks, or want their necks to appear longer.


Dressing With a Polo Neck for Men

Men can wear a polo neck as part of a casual or dressed-up outfit. For a casual look, a polo neck goes well with jeans or khaki trousers. Loose-fitting trousers contrast nicely with the form-fitting shape of a polo neck. Mixing light coloured trousers with dark polo necks or vice versa is another way to create a dynamic casual look. On cold days, wearing a leather jacket over a polo neck creates an edgy yet casual style. When it comes to dressing up a polo neck, one of the easiest ways is to wear it with a pair of dress trousers and a matching suit jacket. Polished leather shoes and a classic watch with a metal band are ideal for completing this outfit.


Dressing With a Polo Neck for Women

Women have many options when it comes to making a polo neck part of their outfit. Jeans work well for a casual look, as do loose-fitting skirts. The billowing fabric of a skirt contrasts the form-fitting polo neck and makes for an eye-catching ensemble. Comfortable shoes such as T-strap flats or ankle-length boots are great for these casual looks. To create a dressier outfit, try wearing a polo neck under a trouser suit, or with a form-fitting skirt and a dress jacket. Wearing a polo neck with a pea coat and dress trousers is also a viable option. For a complete dressed-up look, add a pair of patent leather heels or ballet pumps.

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