Your Guide to Gucci Designer Sunglasses

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Your Guide to Gucci Designer Sunglasses

Looking for the perfect finishing touch for your outfit? Slip on a pair of designer Gucci sunglasses and add instant sophistication to any look. Gucci makes a wide variety of designer sunglasses for every style and every occasion, whether you are looking for casual weekend shades or an upscale pair. Purchase Gucci glasses on eBay and see the world through stylish lenses.


Sunglass Styles

When it comes to Gucci sunglass styles, there are endless possibilities. Purchase classic aviator-style shades with lightweight steel frames, or shop for coloured cat eye glasses with mirrored lenses. Gucci makes round glasses which pop in colours like fuchsia or classic tortoiseshell frames. Oversized square frames with the gold Gucci logo on the sides are the ultimate chic accessory, while round sunglasses are feminine and flattering. Butterfly sunglasses are also a popular style. Gucci offers glasses in a variety of colours and patterns, including diamond patterns, glitter-embossed styles, and shimmering gold frames. Choose plastic frames instead of metal for a more affordable pair of shades in many colours and styles including aviator, embossed shades, and mask wrap-around sunglasses, or go retro with vintage Gucci sunglasses.


Lens Types

Gucci offers a variety of lens types with its designer glasses. While all sunglasses offer 100 per cent UVA and UVB sun protection, there are a few variations on the lenses themselves. Buy Gucci glasses with reflective mirrored lenses, or choose coloured lenses like purple, blue, orange, or yellow. Gucci offers glasses with gradient lenses, which are darker on the top than the bottom, and polarised lenses, which reduce the impact of glare on your eyes, lessening squinting and eye strain. Made of lightweight polycarbonate, the lenses offer style and high-quality protection.


Choosing the Right Shades

Spending money on a pair of designer Gucci sunglasses means you want to purchase the best glasses for you, and shopping for styles based on your face shape is the best way to get the most flattering fit. If your face is heart shaped and you have a pointed chin, opt for cute cat eye sunglasses or round shades. Women with long faces can get away with large, oversized frames that are any shape, and if you have an oval face you are fortunate, because every style looks good on your features. Offset a square face and angular features with soft, round shades, and consider slipping on a pair of aviators if you have a full or round face.


Sunglass Supplies

Care for your new designer shades properly by purchasing a Gucci sunglasses case. This keeps your glasses protected when you are not wearing them. To care for and clean your shades, purchase lint-free cleaning cloths, or a sunglasses kit which offers cleaning supplies and small tools in case the screws come loose or your glasses require small repairs.

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