Your Guide to Installing Designer Lighting

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Your Guide to Installing Designer Lighting

Lighting sets the mood in a room, and the light fixture itself has a big impact on the decor. It only takes one outdated fixture to cause the entire space to feel mismatched. Updating your home with designer lighting dramatically changes the look and feel of each room. The process may sound daunting, but it is easy to do with patience and the right tools.


Shut Off the Power

For the most part, the process of installing new light fixtures is the same for wall lights, ceiling lights, and traditional outdoor lights. Begin by shutting off the power to the outlet or the entire area, depending on the home's breaker setup. Be sure to use a voltage meter to make sure the power is off. Touching "hot" wires is extremely dangerous.


Remove the Old Fixture

The old fixture probably has screws connecting it to the wall or ceiling. In some cases, you may have to remove the light's cover before you can reach the mounting screws. The attachment method for the cover depends on the design. Some lights have decorative pieces that screw on, while others use clips. Take off the cover and remove the mounting screws at the base of the fixture. Be careful not to pull the fixture too far away from the wall or ceiling before disconnecting the wires.


Locate the Wires

Two wires attach a fixture to a wall: a white neutral wire and a black hot wire. At the centre, the wires either twist together or have a plastic cap over the connection to prevent electrical shock. Untwist the wires or untwist the plastic cap, and the wires should come apart so you can finish removing the old fixture.


Join the Wires

On your new designer fixture, twist the ends of the black wires together and then twist the white wires together. If the colours are different, read the product instructions to figure out which wires are hot and which wires are neutral. After twisting the ends together on both wires, twist the plastic cap over the connections. This ensures a tight fit and keeps the wires connected.


Put It All Together

Push the wires up into the electrical box and screw the fixture's mount into place. Next, install the light bulbs and attach the fixture cover. Turn the power back on and test the light to make sure it works. If it does not work, double check the wires and make sure you connected the hot and neutral wires correctly.

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