Your Guide to John Letters Golf Irons

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Your Guide to John Letters Golf Irons

John Letters has been around since its establishment in Scotland during the second decade of the twentieth century. The company's name was changed from Letters, Logan, and Company to John Letters in 1923 and the company, like its golf irons, has stood the test of time and remains a strong force in the golf club industry. John Letters golf irons are available in varying sizes and for use at all levels of the game.


John Letters Golf Irons

Crafted from the finest materials and combining years of experience with modern technology, John Letters has manufactured several golf irons for both professional and amateur golfers. There are several models including the TR47 irons, T8+ Hybrid iron set, T8 Hybrid irons for ladies and juniors, the Master Model Blade, and the Master Model Black Irons. In a nutshell, John Letters have designed and manufactured every type of iron needed to positively impact golfers' skills.


John Letters TR47 Golf Irons

The TR47 is a set of hybrid golf irons. TR is an abbreviation of the word 'trilogy' and refers to the three different club styles used in the irons set, while 47 represents the year in which Fred Daly won the Open Championship using John Letters' golfing equipment. The TR47 bladed wedges with a stainless steel face allow the ball to maintain maximum accuracy and performance. The hardened stainless steel heads of these clubs gives maximum strength and a resistance to corrosion that will keep your clubs looking great for years.


John Letters T8+ Hybrid Iron Set

This complete set of hybrid irons is specifically designed for middle and high handicappers to improve the distance and consistency of their shots in the game. With an innovation called Modernised Friction Technology (MFT) used in the manufacturing of the T8+ Hybrid set of irons, this John Letters creation allows for minimal contact of the iron with the ground which in turn aids club head speed, making for greater distance in the shot.


T8 Hybrid for Ladies and Juniors

Few golf equipment manufacturers think of making irons specifically for use by ladies. John Letters, identifying the need for such, devised the T8 Hybrids for ladies and juniors. These are oversized-5pw irons made from high quality 431 stainless steel. This creates a very strong iron that still provides the utmost feel from all parts of the club head. The lightweight uniflex graphite shafts make these irons highly suited to both ladies and young golfers.

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