Your Guide to Keeping Denim Looking Like New

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WYour Guide to Keeping Denim Looking Like New

To keep denim clothing looking like new, launder it as infrequently as possible and hand wash it when absolutely necessary. Avoid applying heat directly to the jeans, especially with clothing irons and dryers. Finally, learn how to freeze denim to freshen them so you can go even longer without a wash.


Launder Denim as Infrequently as Possible

Many people have fallen into the habit of wearing and washing denim. True denim doesn't need frequent washing, however. It can easily go days or even weeks without a run through the washer. Some people go months without washing their favourite pair of jeans. Infrequent washes extends the life of your denim and keeps it looking like new. Of course, you should always wear and wash undergarments or anything else that comes between you and the jeans.


Hand Wash Denim When Necessary

Eventually, a good wash is inevitable no matter how careful you are with denim jeans. To minimise colour fading, wash them by hand in a large basin, like your kitchen sink. Fill the sink with cold water and add a tiny amount of detergent. Although any detergent works, you can purchase a special denim wash to further guarantee your denim's look. Before submerging the denim, turn it inside out. Soak the trousers for one hour and don't scrub or agitate them during this time. Gently rinse with cold water and line dry over a dark towel as denim dye will drip from them.


Dry Clean if Hand Washing is Too Time Consuming

If hand washing seems like a royal pain, take your denim to the dry cleaners instead. Don't do this too frequently, however; dry cleaning chemicals weaken denim and shortens their life. It'll keep the jeans looking new but at the expense of its average life expectancy. In addition, dry cleaning generally gives denim a shiny look that some people don't like but others enjoy.


Don't Iron Your Denim

Wet denim is prone to wrinkling. You can smooth these wrinkles by hand and let the denim dry as usual. Don't iron them out even if hand smoothing doesn't work as well as you'd like. Instead, once the jeans are dry, wear them and let your body heat do the rest of the work. Alternatively, you can steam iron the jeans without applying the iron directly to the garment. This doubles as a way to freshen denim.


Freeze Odours out of Denim

Experts recommend folding denim and placing them in a freezer overnight. After eight to 12 hours, remove the denim and give them time to thaw and come back to room temperature. Once done, the odour-causing bacteria should be gone for now, leaving the jeans smelling fresh.

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