Your Guide to Lord of the Rings Action Figures

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Various toy manufacturers have developed high-quality action figures based on characters in the 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy by J. R. R. Tolkien and the subsequent series of epic movies. The plethora of characters in the books and movies makes the selection of Lord of the Rings action figures a little overwhelming for fans. If you want to start your collection of Lord of the Rings action figures, research a few of the key characters and discover the criteria that make certain figures popular.


Gandalf and Other Wizard Action Figures

Gandalf plays a pivotal role throughout the entire 'Lord of the Rings' saga. Starting out as a grey wizard with seemingly limited powers, he reveals more and more layers as a character until his ultimate transformation into the powerful Gandalf the White. The Gandalf the White poseable action figure features Gandalf in full battle gear with his white staff in one hand and his sword in the other. A button on Gandalf's back moves his right arm in a slashing motion. The figure is intended for ages five and up and is about 15.24 cm high. Another popular Gandalf action figure from earlier in the series is Gandalf the Grey, who bears a staff that lights up. Both figures have excellent detail in the faces, robes, and other elements. Build out your collection by adding other wizard action figures such as Radagast and Saruman.


Aragorn and Arwen Action Figures

Another key character in the 'Lord of the Rings' is Aragorn, the true King of Gondor. Action figures sometimes depict him in his humble Ranger garb, with an Elvish knife and a sword. Other Aragorn action figures show him in kingly dress from 'The Return of the King'. His beautiful Elvish love interest, Arwen, depicted with pointed ears, long hair, and flowing dress, is the perfect addition to any collection that includes Aragorn. Some Arwen action figures wear travel dress, while others wear the ceremonial coronation gown or the purple robes from the movie 'The Fellowship of the Ring'.


Ringbearer Action Figures

Sneaky, sinister, and with his unique style of hissing speech, Gollum is a vital character in both 'The Hobbit' and 'The Lord of the Rings'. He is a ringbearer, a murderer, a thief, and ultimately the one who destroys the One Ring in the dramatic climax of 'The Return of the King'. Gollum's colourful characterisation in the books and movies makes him a favourite with collectors. Gollum action figures usually show him crouching slightly, with a snarl on his face. Other ringbearers who have their own action figures are Frodo, the hobbit who bears the Ring from the Shire to Mordor, and Sam, who carries it for a very short time and proves instrumental in its destruction. As best friends and travelling companions, Frodo and Sam belong as a pair in your Lord of the Rings collection.

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