Your Guide to Lord of the Rings Board Games

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Your Guide to Lord of the Rings Board Games
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Your Guide to Lord of the Rings Board Games

The Lord of the Rings trilogy has quite the fan following, and this includes toys and board games that give players the ability to enjoy the storyline and embark on their own family-fun adventure. Many board games have been made about the story since Tolkien's books first became famous. The question is which game would your family most enjoy on your designated nights together?


Lord of the Rings Board Game by Kosmos

This Lord of the Rings board game follows the storyline fairly closely. Every player is one of the hobbits, and the goal is to get to the ring and destroy it while also avoiding Sauron. Unlike traditional board games, this one uses several boards at once that players simultaneously progress through. Each hobbit has a unique power, and playing cards make you face various scenarios. The game ends when the ring is thrown into the fires of Mount Doom or the players succumb to Sauron's corruption. Several expansion packs were released to give players more cards and roles. One expansion pack even allows gamers to play as Sauron. Additionally, a special edition version features a 22-carat gold plated ring, pewter pieces, and a signed John Howe print.


The Fellowship of the Ring Board Game

In this adventurous Lord of the Rings board game, you can play on the good or the evil side. When you play Sauron, you control legions of your own dark characters. Dragons, Nazgul, and orcs are all at your command. Your goal is to foil the others' attempt to destroy your master's ring. Those who choose to combat Sauron play as Gandalf, Frodo, Aragorn, and other Fellowship members, as they venture to Mount Doom and avoid the enemies that Sauron sends to hunt them down. This board game is only for two players, so it does not suit families, but with only two players, the game can be more advanced and based on strategy rather than luck.


Lord of the Rings Nazgul Board Game

With the Lord of the Rings Nazgul board game, players get to collaborate with other Nazgul leaders and attempt to stop the progression of the hobbits as they travel towards Mount Doom. As you win battles, you get Victory Points, which help prove your worth to the Dark Lord. By the end of the board game, whichever player with the most points wins.


Other Lord of the Rings Board Games

The many other board games include a special edition version of Lord of the Rings Risk, miniature war games like Lord of the Rings Warhammer, and even classic games, such as chess, which features characters from the trilogy rather than the traditional chess pieces.

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