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The Lord of the Rings trilogy has many kinds of fans. Whether they are readers of the books or have only seen the films, they can all appreciate a game of Lord of the Rings themed Monopoly. If you are purchasing it for yourself or as a gift, now is the perfect time to learn its differences from the original game of Monopoly.


Lord of the Rings Monopoly Gameplay

The general rules of Monopoly remain in this game. Try to brush up on the rules of Monopoly because problems arise from irregular gameplay. Monopoly money is now called Power. Community Chest and Chance are replaced with People and Events. The popular "Get out of Jail Free" card exists as "Gwahir rescues you from the Tower of Orthanc" and "Faramir has a change of heart". Of course, it has the same effect of springing you from jail. Landing on the space "Seen by the Palantir" forces you to pay 200 Power or 10 per cent of your total worth.


Lord of the Rings Monopoly Game Pieces

Lord of the Rings Monopoly includes six collectible game figures. These figures include Sting, Gandalf's Hat, Bill the Pony, Aragorn's Crown, an Elven Brooch, and Boromir's Gondorian Horn. In place of houses and hotels in the normal version of Monopoly, this game uses fortresses and strongholds respectively. Following the same rules, only one fortress may be built until each property in a set has one. After four fortress have been accumulated, you can exchange them for a stronghold.


Lord of the Rings Monopoly Properties

Many famous locations make an appearance in Lord of the Rings Monopoly, including Bag End, Rivendell, Isengard, and Minas Tirith. The prices reflect those of the original Monopoly game. The railroads have been replaced by horses from the trilogy. Those horses are Bill the Pony, Asfaloth, Brego, and Shadowfax. The utilities are now the Staff of Gandalf and the Staff of Saruman.


Lord of the Rings Monopoly Special Rules

Lord of the Rings Monopoly has a special rule to make for a different playing experience. Players now have a "One Ring" playing piece. This piece is placed in Bag End at the start of the game. Each time the Eye of Sauron is rolled, players move the ring to the next property space. If a player lands on the same space as the ring they can take it the space for free if it is not purchased. If it belongs to someone, players pay double rent to that person. Once the ring reaches Mount Doom the game is over, and the rolling player does not complete their turn.


Lord of the Rings Monopoly Contents

The Lord of the Rings Monopoly game comes with dozens of parts. Attempting to play without all the pieces makes gameplay difficult or even impossible. Double check the box's contents against its contents list. You should have every piece listed, including the One Ring to rule them all.

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