Your Guide to Maintaining SRAM Rival Parts

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Your Guide to Maintaining SRAM Rival Parts

As one of the most innovative bicycle part manufacturers in the world, SRAM produces high-performing parts for cycling professionals. To capitalise on these innovations, SRAM Rival owners should perform maintenance tasks on a regular basis. From cleaning and greasing components to identifying the causes of poor performance, owners can ensure the longevity of their bikes.


Maintaining SRAM Rival Brakes

It is necessary to service the brakes on SRAM Rival bikes to maintain function. Choose the fluid carefully, as certain fluids are not compatible with all bikes. Always refer to the manufacturer's manual when selecting fluid. One example is the DOT 5.1 brake fluid, which complements the XXWC, but the DOT 5 brake fluid causes corrosion on this model. When changing fluids, put on a pair of nitrile gloves for protection. To replace brake fluid, remove the brake clamp bolt, unthread the hose, and drain the excess fluid into a container. Remove the brake lever and follow the manufacturer's instructions to add the new fluid. If the SRAM Rival brakes feel a little sluggish at any point, remove the calliper using a brake pad tool. Squeeze the brake pad, which should squeeze any sticky pistons inward. After returning the calliper to the O-ring position and reinstalling, it should flow freely for a smoother braking experience.


Maintaining SRAM Rival Twist Shifters

Offering precision and speed, an SRAM Rival twist shifter leaves a cyclist feeling like a cross country professional. It makes sense to keep it in good shape to maintain that feeling of a smooth, exhilarating ride. Sometimes twist shifters gather gunk, and it is necessary to pop the housings out and pump bike degreaser into one end. If that does not work, check for jagged housing edges and smooth them with a Dremel tool or metal file. In some cases, even lubeless SRAM Rival twist shifters call for a little lube. Do not be afraid to go against convention and add bike lube if you cannot identify any other reason for poor performance.


Maintaining SRAM Rival Chainsets

Designed to keep bikes flowing freely, SRAM Rival chainsets require cleaning and greasing on a regular basis. Leaving dirt on the chainset increases the risk of wear, reduces flexibility, and has a negative effect on gear shift performance. Achieve a smoother ride by using bicycle chain cleaner when it becomes visibly dirty or when you notice squeaking. Every few months, remove the chain completely and add a little bike lube. Not only does this minimise wear, it reduces dirt accumulation. Take a similar approach with the SRAM rival crankset.


Maintaining SRAM Rival Wheels

Using a workstand and a little soapy water, clean SRAM Rival wheels on a regular basis to reduce salt corrosion. As a general rule of thumb, try to clean the wheels and SRAM rear mechanisms every time you clean the chain or crankset.

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