Your Guide to Making Personalised Jewellery

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Your Guide to Making Personalised Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, many people love personalised items. Sometimes featuring simple messages, these pieces can make fashion-loving individuals stand out from the crowd. If you want to try out the trend, making personalised jewellery is easier than you may think. With metal letter stamps, a few tools, and some practice, you can produce all kinds of items for yourself and your friends.


Gather the Right Jewellery Making Supplies

Making your own jewellery is relatively easy with the right supplies. First, you need metal blanks, which are essential for making engraved jewellery. You also need metal stamps, a hammer, a metal block, and protective glasses for the engraving process. For the sake of accuracy, thick sandpaper and fine felt pens are also necessary. You also need something to mount your metal blank when you finish engraving. Keep it simple and inexpensive by choosing a silver chain.


Decide on Your Message

Personalised jewellery always comes with some type of wording. You can keep it simple by only using a name, or you can get elaborate and choose quotes. If you are really creative, you may have the talent to create an image. When choosing the message, the available space is one of the most important considerations. An engraved bracelet with open metal space is ideal for a quote, but an engraved necklace may not offer enough embossing space to fit more than a name or date. When you decide on a message, practise on scrap metal to get the size and technique right. This helps you avoid mistakes on the real jewellery.


Stamp the Jewellery

After spending a little time practising, you can stamp your jewellery. To make sure you get this right, place a little line where you want to emboss the stamp. If you are new to making personalised jewellery, you may want to write the letter out. This ensures the spacing is accurate and helps you avoid costly mistakes. With your lines marked, put each stamp in place and deliver a significant single blow with your hammer to engrave the letter. For the sake of safety, always ensure the metal stamp is on top of the metal sheet and wear safety glasses. If you get the engraved letters wrong, you can always use the sandpaper to smooth them out.


Finish Your Personalised Jewellery

If you are new to making personalised jewellery, the metal stamping may require some practice to get it right. When the end product is perfect, finish the process. This usually means making a hole in the piece so you can add a chain or ear wires for earrings. For items like personalised lockets, you may also want to make a few gifts for friends.

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