Your Guide to Making a Personalised Bracelet

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Your Guide to Making a Personalised Bracelet

Unique both to the creator and the wearer, a personalised bracelet is an appealing and meaningful piece of jewellery whether made for yourself or as a gift. Craft a fun piece to match with a friend, give homemade gifts for the holidays, or welcome a new baby with a precious keepsake with simple but beautiful bracelets that are easily customised to meet the personal style, tastes, and favourite colours of any wearer.


Gather Materials

Personalised bracelets are fast, easy crafts ideal for working on with friends and family, even young children. Consider the primary materials needed for your bracelets as well as alternative options.





Glass beads

Small, round beads in a variety of colours

Pony beads and faux pearls

Seed beads

Tiny beads often used as spacers

Larger beads and elongated beads

Alphabet beads

Round beads with letter imprints

Baby block beads and letter charms

Metal charms

Shaped metal beads

Dangling charms

Clear elastic cord

Stretchy material for actually forming the bracelet

Glow-in-the-dark, coloured, leather, and cotton cord


To create your bracelet, choose beads in a favourite colour. Use two different sizes to create a varied pattern. Next, select two identical charms that express your individual style and complement the size of the other beads.


Measure Your Wrist

A personalised bracelet should be tight enough so that it does not slide up and down, but not so tight that it is uncomfortable or difficult to put on and take off. Measure your wrist and add 2 cm. Record this measurement, but do not cut the elastic yet.


Design a Pattern

With a ruler, make a line of the same measurement as your wrist on a piece of paper to serve as a design template. Place the largest bead at the right-hand end of the template. Keep in mind the desired orientation and place them this way for accurate measurement. Add a spacer bead and two seed beads to the left. Follow it with one of the metal charms and another seed bead. Add letter beads, starting with the last letter, to spell out the desired name. Follow with another seed bead and the second charm, then two more seed beads, a spacer, and the largest bead. Continue adding spacers and large beads until you reach the end of the template.


Craft Your Bracelet

Unravel a piece of elastic cord several centimetres longer than the bead design. Carefully thread the beads onto the cord. Hold both ends to prevent the beads from slipping and test the size. Adjust the beads as needed and trim the cord. Move the beads to cover the knot to finish the bracelet.

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