Your Guide to Mosaic Crafts

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Your Guide to Mosaic Crafts

Mosaic crafts can be a fun pastime and creative hobby for all members of the family. Fortunately, creating mosaic pieces does not have to be difficult or overwhelming. Rather, you just need to master the basics: choosing an object or surface, purchasing the correct mosaic tiles, setting and adhering the tiles accordingly, and applying the grout correctly. Mosaics is one of the best loved creative crafts around.


Choose An Object or Surface To Begin Your Craft

The first step in crafting a mosaic piece is to choose an object or surface to adhere the mosaic tiles to. Outdoor items, such as terracotta pots or cement stepping stones, are a common option. Alternatively, you can choose to decorate an indoor item such as an old table or drink coasters. This allows you to really use your imagination, as many suitable surfaces exist for mosaic projects.


Purchase the Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles come in hundreds of different colours and many sizes and shapes. When reviewing the types of mosaic tiles or pieces available on the market, you should imagine what you want the expected outcome of the craft or piece to be. Once you have determined this information, research the variety of tiles available and choose what works best for your needs.


Adhere the Tiles to the Surface

The creativity in mosaic crafting comes to light during the alignment process. Here, you can freehand where you place the tiles or attempt to draw lines to ensure the tiles remain straight. Once you have a pattern for your tiles, you must adhere the mosaic tiles using a glue, such as PVA adhesive. This acrylic-based adhesive works well because it dries clear and works on a wide variety of surfaces. You may also want to invest in a mosaic glass cutter for last minute adjustments to certain tile pieces. Once you have followed the directions on the adhesive and placed each mosaic piece, allow the pieces to sit for 24 to 72 hours.


Apply Grout

Grout comes in many different forms, such as powdered and pre-mixed. Powdered grouts come in a variety of colours and must be hand-mixed prior to use. Generally, a toothpaste consistency is ideal. Regardless of the type of grout, it is vital to select a colour that stands out from the mosaic tiles. Handfuls of grout should be applied at a time and then spread using a grout spreader. Once the grout has covered the entire piece and dried for approximately 20 minutes, the mosaic tiles can then be wiped down with a wet sponge or rag to remove the excess grout.

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