Your Guide to Motorcycle Body Armour

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Your Guide to Motorcycle Body Armour

As great as it is to enjoy the sense of freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle, the sport is highly dangerous and requires riders to take extra precautions to stay safe. Motorcycles offer zero protection to their riders in the event of a crash so it is imperative that owners protect themselves with motorcycle body armour that pads their body and reduces the risk of injury.


Elbow and Knee Body Armour

Particular parts of the body are more important to protect because they lack natural padding. Motorcycle knee armour and elbow pads are important to have because they protect two of the body's boniest areas. Look for motorcycle jackets and motorcycle trousers that have pads built into these areas to avoid having to purchase separate pieces of body armour.


Chest Protection

Chest protection is vital because all the major organs of the body, except for the brain, are in the torso area. Motorcycle body armour with extra padding and support better absorbs blunt impacts, prevents penetrations, and reduces the risk of broken bones. Many kinds of motorcycle jackets only feature a few extra layers of fabric, which is not enough to protect the body. The extra fabric only helps prevent skin abrasions in minor accidents.


Motorcycle Gloves

The hands are just as at-risk for injury as the rest of the body, and since the loss of hand function would be especially detrimental to a person's daily functioning, protecting them is vital. Additionally, cold weather can numb the hands and make it difficult to grasp the handles. Look for motorcycle gloves with armour over the knuckles. Some, such as heated motorcycle gloves, also have extra features. Look for air vents, moisture wicking fabric, and skeletal armour, all features that can increase comfort and safety.


Injection Moulded Motorcycle Armour

Injection moulded motorcycle armour features polycarbonate plates sewn inside of a jacket or a shirt. The amount of padding varies with the option of shoulder plates, back plates, shoulder plates, and elbow plates. Some also have foam for padding. Keep in mind injection moulding is lightweight and offers average protection, but it is not very flexible, which makes it less comfortable.


EVA and Double Density Foam Motorcycle Armour

EVA motorcycle armour provides a high amount of protection. The flexible and comfortable body plates are very durable and protect against broken bones and impacts. However, EVA is the heaviest and most expensive armour. Moreover, double density foam motorcycle body armour is the most affordable, most readily available, and most lightweight. However, it is the least effective and only helps absorb impacts. The foam also ages over time and is prone to cracking.

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