Your Guide to Performing Simple Body Repair on Dents

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Your Guide to Performing Simple Body Repair on Dents

Nobody likes to see dents and dings in the bodywork of their car. Depending on the size of the dent and the damage, you can save money by fixing the dent yourself. There are several methods to choose from to fix the dent yourself without causing any more damage to your bodywork.


Use a Hair Dryer

A quick, easy, and inexpensive method for removing shallow dents on your car is to use a hair dryer and some compressed air. It works well for popping out dents that show no creasing or paint damage. While you can still use this method where paint is missing or damaged, you then need to touch up the paintwork once you remove the dent. Hold the hair dryer at roughly 18 cm away from the paintwork to avoid overheating and blistering. Aim it at the dent and turn on to a medium setting. Hold the hair dryer over the dent for around a minute. Immediately cover the area with a piece of aluminium foil, and then spray your can of compressed air over the foil. The sudden change in temperature forces the metal to contract, popping out the dent.


Use Dry Ice

Wear thick, insulated gloves to protect your hands against frostbite or freeze burns, and rub some dry ice over the dent for between 30 and 60 seconds. The extreme cold makes the metal contract, popping out the dent. Like the hair dryer method, using dry ice works on shallow, round dents but does not work for large dents, dents with creases, or areas with extensive damage. If it does not work on the first attempt, try heating the area with a hair dryer before applying the dry ice.


Use a Dent Repair Kit

A dent repair kit provides everything you need to lift out minor to moderate dents. Purchase a kit to lift out shallow dents and to improve the appearance of creased dents. You may need to buy a paint touch-up kit if the dent has paint damage. One of the most common dent repair kits includes a large glue stick threaded on a handle. You warm the dent with a hair dryer for at least a minute, then press the glue stick firmly over the dent so that the glue melts onto the dent. Then pour very cold water over the glue to set it. Attach the wooden handle from the kit to the metal ring in the top of the glue stick and pull hard. This pulls the dent outward, either making it vanish entirely or considerably improving the appearance. To get proper adhesion, ensure that the glue melts entirely over the dent, and that before you pull, the glue is well set.

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