Your Guide to Picking the Right Wine Cooler for Your Needs

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Wine is a fermented beverage made of grape pulp, yeast, sugar, and other specific ingredients. Over time, and with a carefully monitored process, the ingredients react to create what we know as wine. The level of yeast, time in the cask, and even the type of grape determines the strength and bouquet of a wine. The next most important step is preserving wine. Each varietal behaves differently to humidity and temperature. Wine coolers, specialty wine refrigerators, and even wine cellars are all carefully picked out and managed in order to maintain the integrity of wine. If a wine is fairly inexpensive and common in quality, the same precision of care is not necessary as it is for rare vintages. This guide explains how to determine your wine cooling needs and reviews various options and brands. Further, the guide discusses what to consider when purchasing a wine cooler, and the process of purchasing a wine cooler from start to finish.

Wine Cooler Construction

Some argue that the inside of a wine cellar should be composed of stone in order to maintain a steady cool temperature. However, for those that do not have the real estate to devote to a wine cellar, wine coolers suffice. There are stainless steel options with and without glass windows, plastic options, and various other options that blend in with kitchen decor.

Stainless Steel

The average American kitchen hosts black, white, or stainless steel appliances. Stainless steel wine coolers can blend in with any established decor, depending on how prominent it is in the room. If a stainless steel wine cooler has a glass window, you may be more likely to want to display the unit, rather than hide it. Showcasing your wine is a by product of actually having quality reserves.

Wooden Options

If you have a kitchen or entertainment room where there is a mix of wooden decor and perhaps granite, marble, or other stone material, a wooden wine cooler can fit into the decor under specific circumstances. The wood of the wine cooler needs to be a match, or complement the surrounding wood. Some kitchen cabinet manufacturers can make an attachment for any wine cooler so it is an exact match to the surrounding appliances.

Further, there are times when a different wooden color and grain actually receives positive attention. Units located as a stand-alone in the corner of a room can appear to be a side table for a lamp, but in reality the unit is plugged in and chilling wine below. Wine coolers can be more than functional pieces, they can also function as real pieces of furniture.

Eco-Friendly Options

With an internal thermostat and cooling device, wine coolers use energy as soon as they are plugged in. Several manufacturers have been conscientious of this, and have taken steps in manufacturing wine coolers to ensure their overall energy consumption is low. Eco - friendly wine cooling units are composed of dual-zone coolers and thermoelectric cooling technology. The benefit of thermoelectric cooling is that it does not use ozone-depleting chemicals, such as CFCs or HCFCs. Additionally, this cooling system reduces the overall energy consumption when placed in a room below 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and away from direct sunlight.

Ancillary Options

In an age of customizable technology and appliances, wine coolers are equally unique. Lighting, finishes, and even cooling options are all interchangeable to create a unit that is ideal for your needs. Additionally, if you aim to secure your wine for years upon years, be sure to study the grape varietal and learn the appropriate aging time.


Wine coolers are available  in various sizes and options. With dual-cooling shelves, you can store red, white, and rose wine at their optimal temperatures. The shelves are made specifically for round wine bottle shapes. Some shelves can be slid out of the unit so you can see the bottles more easily and take one out without having to balance and be mindful of hitting the bottleneck on the shelf above.

Interior Lighting

When you open a refrigerator, the light comes on and illuminates everything inside. Several wine cooler models offer the same thing. In addition to a movable shelf, being able to see the wine can help you or your guests better determine what to open, and what to leave in the cooler.

Security Locks

Wine can be an expensive hobby, or a casual collection. For those who take wine collecting seriously, locks on the wine cooler can protect the wine inside from unknowing guests. Everyday table wine and special reserves should be kept in separate units if the owner has guests who may simply open a bottle of rare wine, rather than a more affordable option. Certain vintages cannot be replaced easily, so locking the wine cooler is added security against potential faux pas.

If the goal of security locks on wine coolers is to prevent anyone from accessing the wine, it is also important to access it on purpose. Be sure to keep the lock or code in a safe place so you can remember how to unlock the wine cooler.

LED Displays

Dishwashers, refrigerators, and even washing machines have been introduced to the market with LED displays denoting the time, temperature, and even contents inside the unit when applicable. Wine coolers also have LED display capabilities for your reading ease. The temperature is perhaps the most important part of storing wine. If the temperature is too warm, even by a few degrees, it can alter the preservation of the wine. Being able to quickly determine the temperature is perhaps the most important part of storing wine wisely.


Although the following table is not exhaustive, it is a simple array of potential models on the market, the features they have, and a price point as it relates to other products listed below.

Brand and Model

No. of Bottles





Thermoelectric cooling

Black enclosure and stainless steel door

Dual-paned glass for added insulation

UV-tinted glass viewing window


Wine Enthusiast Silent Bottle Dual Zone Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator


Thermoelectric CFC-free cooling

Exterior touchscreen

Reflective smoked-glass door

Two 16-bottle temperature zones

Seven pull-out chrome shelves


Interior LED lighting


Allavino MWR-542-BR


Dual-zone cooling

Digital temperature control

Smooth-rolling hardwood shelving

Glass door with black trim

Blue interior LED lights

Locking door for added security

Can be built-in or freestanding

UV-tinted viewing window


V inotemp VT -12 TEDi iCellar


Black exterior with a mirrored glass door

Energy efficient and ultra-quiet

Thermoelectric cooling technology

Blue LED touchscreen display

Double-paned glass door

Soft interior lighting

Pull-out chrome shelving




Built-in or freestanding unit

Stainless steel body and trim

Front-venting exhaust

Dual temperature zones for red and white wine

Interior lighting

Under-counter or freestanding

Front-venting exhaust

Double-paned glass door

Dual-temperature controls for red and white wines

Locking door

Metal coated shelving with wooden trim

Digital display


With each variety of wine cooler, features and capabilities change as the price point changes. Any advancement in technology brings additional features at an additional cost.

How to Buy Wine Coolers on eBay

If you type wine cooler on eBay ’ s main web page, the results vary across several options of products. If there is a specific need you have in a wine cooler, such as a stainless steel finish, or glass window, typing in a more relevant search, such as stainless steel wine cooler brings you exactly the results you desire. If you have further requirements, such as price range; condition of the product, such as new or used; and even product location, you can check the relevant boxes to obtain filtered results.

Seller Feedback

When you are reviewing various wine coolers, you should notice a ribbon next to the name of select sellers. A steady reputation of positive feedback provides sellers with a ribbon that notifies consumers that the seller is good to work with for one or multiple reasons. Reading seller feedback, regardless of a ribbon, is equally as important as finding the right product. If the seller has negative feedback, or perhaps minimal feedback, choosing a seller with overall positive ratings can minimize any problems in the purchasing process.


Whether you are considering an eco-friendly wine cooler or a built - in unit, the ability to customize and alter a cooler helps to make it relevant to your needs. Lights, movable shelving, and security locks further customize a unit for added uniqueness. Storing wine is an art. The ideal temperature for any wine ranges between 53 and 57 degrees. The drinking temperature is what matters most, however, maintaining a steady temperature prevents the wine from further fermenting or spoiling completely.

Buying your wine cooler on eBay provides you with the ability to choose from dozens of options, interact with fellow buyers, and interact with the seller. Asking questions and determining the true features of the product are all important tasks in finding the right wine cooler for your needs, and preventing you from buying the wrong product. Reviewing feedback on the product, as well as the seller, further helps you to find the best product for your needs and wants.

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