Your Guide to Playing Cards Like a Pro

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Your Guide to Playing Cards like a Pro

When you are joining your friends or family for a game night, you want to appear at your best no matter what the game may be. Take some time to prepare by learning how to shuffle like a Las Vegas dealer, mastering the rules of the game, and practicing your poker face. With those skills in place, you are ready to play cards like a pro.


Learn a Few Shuffling Techniques for Playing Cards

First of all, you need to know how to shuffle a pack of cards properly. Learn and practice a few different methods of card shuffling, such as the overhand shuffle, the Hindu shuffle, and the riffle shuffle. Once you have mastered all three, you can show them off at your next card game night with friends. The overhand shuffle involves gripping the edges of the cards and holding them horizontally in your right hand, or in your left hand if that hand is dominant. Line up the cards and slide half of them up, then lightly shake or drop the cards in your upper hand into the group of cards in your lower hand. The cards you drop should slip between the cards in the lower hand, a few at a time, until you have shuffled them all in. Repeat the process a few times to thoroughly shuffle the deck. If you are unsure how to do any of those three common shuffles, find some video tutorials to watch and then practise the steps in the videos.


Know the Rules When Playing Cards

If you want to look like a pro while playing cards, you must know the rules of the game. Before you attend a game night or card playing party, find out what games the host has planned. Blackjack, gin rummy, and poker are popular games. Other card games that families and friends enjoy include simpler games like Uno, Monopoly Deal, Munchkin, Crazy Eights, Go Fish, Dutch Blitz, and a myriad of others. Take some time to obtain a copy of the rules for the games that you will likely play at the party. Read through the rules and try a few practice rounds if possible. When you understand how each round goes and what steps to take during your turn, you look more competent at the game table and you do not have the embarrassment of asking for help or for information every few minutes.


Play Cards With the Right Game Face

For many card games, strategy and secrecy play a key role. Usually, you hide the cards in your hand from the others at the table until the opportune moment. Sometimes, hiding your emotions is just as essential to achieving the win that you want. The term 'poker face' refers to the emotionless expression that poker players attempt to maintain during a game to throw off their opponents and conceal the contents of their hand.

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