Your Guide to Pokemon Gameboy Attachments and Accessories

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Your Guide to Pokemon Gameboy Attachments and Accessories

As the Pokemon franchise grew more popular in the 1990s, it only made sense for Nintendo to create a special edition Pokemon Gameboy. The idea was brilliant, and several different versions of the handheld console were eventually released. Shoppers can find Pokemon Gameboy Colour, Pokemon Gameboy Advance, and the more recent Pokemon DSi, but to make things even more fun, Nintendo and other companies offer a variety of Gameboy accessories.


Pokemon Gameboy Lights and Magnifiers

Pokemon Gameboy lights make it possible to play the handheld console when the ambient lighting is insufficient. This is particularly important for the Gameboy Colour and Gameboy Advance because the screens do not have backlights to light up the games. Accessory lights either come on bendable wires or attach to magnifiers. The magnifiers are another great accessory for older Nintendo Gameboys that do not have backlighting. Original screen resolutions were low, and staring at the devices for a long time gets uncomfortable. To make it easier to see all the details, the magnifiers clip onto the tops of the systems to make the screens easier to see.


Pokemon Gameboy Carrying Cases

Because the amount of games and accessories for a Gameboy quickly adds up, purchasing a Gameboy carrying case makes life easier and keeps everything organised and protected. A dizzying number of cases are available, and gamers should start with size to find the right cases. A good case choice holds the Gameboy, all the game cartridges, any power cords and adapters, and any other accessories. Some cases also have pockets for the game manuals. A little extra space for additional game purchases is also a good idea. Gamers can also find portable travel cases to hold the Gameboys and a few games for road trips.


Pokemon Gameboy Car Adapters

Gameboys use AA batteries, and these batteries typically do not accommodate very many hours of play. Because long road trips are often tedious, gamers may want to consider car adapters to plug in their Gameboys for extended hours of play.


Pokemon Gameboy Link Cables

The Gameboy Advance and DSi models come with the ability to connect to other players to battle or trade items. Additionally, some games are compatible with GameCube consoles. The Pokemon games are a good example. By hooking the Gameboy up to the GameCube, players enjoy more advanced video games with the Pokemon characters they developed in their Gameboy games.

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