Your Guide to Purchasing Cycling Pedals On eBay

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Your Guide to Purchasing Cycling Pedals On eBay

Cycling and bike riding is an excellent sport that can be enjoyed by a wide variety of people, ranging from the professional rider to the weekend adventurer. What unifies all riders is the need for the equipment that is required to enjoy this sporting activity. What automatically springs to mind when thinking about cycling is the need for a bike, helmet and for some, cycling attire.

However, very few people will look further into what is required to put that bike together or how they can improve their cycling performance. Cycling pedals is one such item that can be added to a bike to improve performance and also ease in which a rider rides their bike.

This guide will outline everything you need to know to purchase the perfect pedal for your bike on eBay.

Different Types of Cycling Pedals

There are two main types of cycling pedals. These are flat pedals and clip pedals. Depending on the type of rider that you are will depend on the type of pedals required. As a general rule a clip pedal is more appropriate for a regular or professional rider. The clip pedal helps to assist in improving performance by helping to transfer the power from the rider’s legs to the wheels.  A flat pedal is appropriate for an occasional or recreational rider. In most cases, a flat pedal is also the best option for young children.

Within these two categories there are a few different models of pedals. These are outlined in the table below:

Platform pedals.

Platform pedals are essentially flat pedals. They require the rider to place their feet on top of them and to keep them there whilst riding. There is nothing that holds the foot or shoe in place. As a result, the rider may experience trouble with their feet slipping off the pedals in all directions. This is not always the case.

Platform pedals can sometimes be accompanied by a specific type of shoe that allows for additional grip, but won’t ‘lock’ the rider in should they fall or change course unexpectedly. This type of combination is often found in down hill mountain biking.

Toe clips and straps.

Toe clips are often also referred to as toe cages. They have a cage like appearance and attach to the front of the pedal. A rider can then ‘fit’ their foot into the cage and it will stop them from slipping forward. The use of a toe clip and strap also allows the rider to pull up with their foot as the pedal circulates.

This is an affordable option for riders who don’t wish to ‘clip in’ their shoes, but would like the benefits of a clip in pedal. Getting off the bike is easy, with the rider simply pulling their toe out from the cage.

Clipless pedals.

Clipless pedals are the most advanced pedal accessories when it comes to pedals on bikes. The clip pedal is fitted to the bike while a corresponding clip is fitted to the rider’s shoe. The clip on the bike fits directly with the clip on the pedal and riders can ‘lock’ their feet to the pedal.

To release the shoe from the pedal, the rider simply has to twist their foot in a certain way to undo the lock. A clipless pedal is great for improving energy efficiency, offering more control and also improving safety. The rider is less likely to slip off the pedal with this piece of equipment.

2 hole cleat design

The 2 hole cleat pedal design is most common in mountain bikes and is often referred to as SPD, which is short for Shimano Pedaling Dynamics. Effectively, it is another clipless design, but with a different cleat system.

3 hole cleat design

The 3 hole cleat pedal design is most commonly found on road racing bikes. The main difference between a 2 hole and 3 hole is the size (3 hole is bigger), and the materials used to manufacture them. Because a 3 hole cleat is larger, it will help to spread the pressure on certain parts of the foot, offering the rider reduced stress on certain areas.

Pedal Maintenance

Once a pedal system has been chosen for your bike, it is important to know how to look after it. Following some simple steps can help do this. These are as simple as:

  • Engage in Frequent Cleaning of the Pedals. This should be done with warm water only. Warm water will be enough to remove any mud or debris from the pedal. Make sure you dry the pedal thoroughly afterwards. There are cleaning brush kits available, but an old toothbrush will also suffice.
  • Oil the Pedals at Frequent Intervals. Be sure to add the lubricant to both sides of the pedal.

Buying Considerations of Cycling Pedals

There are a few points to take into consideration when purchasing new pedals for a bike. These are:

What Type of Pedal Is Going to Best Suit Your Need? Looking at the advantages to each pedal and applying it to your riding style can answer this.

  • What Is the Cost of the Pedal? Some pedal types and materials will be more affordable than others. Always take into consideration your budget and look at the possible options before purchase.
  • Materials. What material is the pedal made out of? The material the pedal is made out of will affect the quality of the product.
  • Additional clips or cleats. It is a good idea to have a spare set lying around should the one in current use becoming broken or damaged. It is also good to replace the pedals occasionally, so to avoid any potential wear and tear issues.
  • Type of Shoes. Does the pedal require a certain type of shoe? Or can existing shoes be transformed to fit the pedals. Be sure to incorporate this into budget considerations.

How to Purchase Cycling Pedals On eBay

Purchasing products on eBay has never been easier. The site is well known, used worldwide and offers a safe and secure platform for both buyers and sellers alike.

The way to search on eBay is easy. If the product is not known, it is possible to browse all products via the categories section of the website. All products up for sale will be housed in the appropriate category and sub-category of the website. Simply click onto the one that best describes your area of interest.

If a broad search term is known, it is possible to complete a key-word search using the search bar located at the top of every page. By adding the key-word to the search bar eBay will compute all products that match and collate them onto the one page. This page is then ready for the shopper to browse at their leisure.

Of course it is possible to complete an advanced search. This function is located next to the search bar function. Simply click on the option and follow the prompts to complete the search.

Once a product is identified it is important to double-check its suitability. The seller will offer a description and photograph to accompany the sale. Do scrutinise these. If they match up then it is time to make the purchase. If not, it is possible to query the product using the ‘ask the seller’ function.

The seller will be selling the product one of three ways: Buy It Now, Bid or Best Offer. This is pre-determined by the seller. Take time to see which way the product is being sold, as each way requires a different process to purchase. In some cases it is required to put down an offer and bid against other potential buyers.

PayPal work in partnership with eBay to assist with the facilitating of the monetary exchange. However, it is also possible to pay via credit and or debit card. Both options are secure. If in doubt, do look at the Buyer Protection Programme.

If there are any outstanding questions or queries relating to how to use the site, eBay provides a cohesive overview of how to best engage with buying and selling. This overview can be found on the Buying Tips page.

eBay’s wide selection of cycling pedals makes it an ideal place to shop, as it offers the chance to purchase both new and used products, meaning there is something there to suit every single budget. On top of this, the sheer range of additional cycling products is enormous, and is easy to use and access from the comfort of your own home.


Paying attention to the different components of the bike means that it is possible to upgrade certain aspects of it to improve its performance. Taking the time to assess how you ride, and also looking at potential pedals that will work harmoniously with your bicycle, will help improve your performance when on the road.

In addition, Cycling pedals are suitable for more than just the professional rider. They can drastically improve the experience of the cyclist who rides to work daily or is a weekend hobbyist. So head to eBay today to buy some cycling pedals and get active.

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