Your Guide to Purchasing In-Ear Canal Headsets on a Budget

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Your Guide to Purchasing In-Ear Canal Headsets on a Budget

Purchasing in-ear canal mobile phone headsets on a budget is easy. There are many different types of in-ear canal headsets available, so by researching sellers, considering products, and comparing prices, it should be possible to get a good deal.

About In-Ear Canal Headsets

In-ear canal headsets, also known as canal ear-bud headsets, are handy accessories for mobile phone owners, enabling them to talk on their phones while keeping their hands free. The ear pieces sit within the user’s ear canal, so in-ear canal headsets can sometimes produce better quality sound than other types of headset, such as ear-pad headsets and ear-cup headsets, as they can sometimes cancel out background sounds more effectively. In-ear canal headsets also have in-built microphones enabling the user's voice to be heard by anyone they are talking to on their phone.

Choosing In-Ear Canal Headsets on a Budget

There are a wide range of in-ear canal headsets on the market, all with different features, so it’s important to compare products carefully. When shopping for in-ear canal headsets on a budget, remember to look for the most suitable products and the best deals, rather than simply opting for the cheapest option available. It’s also important to ensure that any in-ear canal headsets being considered will be compatible with the mobile phone with which they are going to be used.

Types of In-Ear Canal Headsets

There are two main types of in-ear canal mobile phone headset on the market, so decide which type would be most suitable before shopping for a headset. All headphones feature a U-shaped magnet with a coil in between the poles. A magnetic field is created around the coil when a current is passed through it, causing vibrations which produce sound. However, the two different types of headphones work in slightly different ways. Details of how these two types of in-ear canal headset available work are provided in the table below.

Dynamic driver in-ear canal headphones

The coil in a set of dynamic driver in-ear canal headphones is in a flexible position, rather than a fixed position, and the device uses external air to create vibrations which are directly transferred to a small disc known as the diaphragm. Dynamic driver in-ear canal headphones can produce sounds across all musical frequencies relatively successfully.

Balanced armature in-ear canal headphones

The coil in a set of balanced armature headphones is fixed, rather than in a flexible position, and does not require external air in order to produce vibrations. Balanced armature in-ear canal headphones can often produce higher quality, clearer sounds in mid-range frequencies than dynamic driver headphones, but the bass and treble sounds produced may not be as clear.

Ear Piece Design

There are two main ear piece designs available so, when shopping for in-ear canal headsets, consider which would be most suitable. The table that follows provides details of the two different ear piece designs available.


Double ear piece in-ear canal headsets consist of an ear piece for each ear. This can be useful for mobile phone owners who want to block out as much external noise as possible or listen to music on their phones.


Single ear piece in-canal headsets consist of a single ear piece. These can be useful for mobile phone owners looking for a headset which enables them to hear what's going on around them while they are on the phone and can be more comfortable and convenient to wear.

Mobile Phone Compatibility

When shopping for an in-ear canal headset for a mobile phone, check product details to ensure that the headsets being considered are compatible with the mobile phone with which they are to be used. The following table shows the two main types available.

Phone-specific in-ear canal headsets

Some in-ear canal headsets are specifically designed to work with certain brands and models of mobile phone. They will not work with other brands and models of mobile phone.

Universal in-ear canal headsets

Some in-ear canal headsets are designed to work with a wide range of different brands and models of mobile phone. However, although they are known as universal headsets, they may not always work with all phone brands and models, so check product descriptions carefully before buying one.

Wireless In-Ear Canal Headsets

Some in-ear canal headsets feature wireless technology, meaning that the ear piece does not need to be connected to the mobile phone by a cable. This can make them convenient to wear, particularly when on the move. The most common type of wireless technology used within mobile phone headsets is Bluetooth. In order to use a wireless in-ear canal headset, however, it is essential to check that the mobile phone with which it is to be used is Bluetooth-enabled too.

In-Ear Canal Headset Features

Before searching for a mobile phone in-ear canal headset, it is worth deciding which features would be most useful, particularly when shopping on a budget. Work out which features would be essential and which it would not be worth paying extra for before making a decision. The table below shows some of the different features that can be found on in-ear canal headsets.

Noise cancellation

Noise cancelling headphones are designed to cut out background sounds, enabling the user to hear the sounds from their mobile phone more clearly.

Playback controls

Playback controls allow the user to start and pause music stored on their mobile phone, and to switch tracks, so the phone can be used as an MP3 player.

Volume control

Some in-ear canal headphone sets have volume controls, enabling the user to adjust the volume of the sound coming from the earpiece.


Some in-ear canal headsets are water-resistant, protecting them from damage caused by rain when worn outdoors in wet weather.


Some in-ear canal headsets come with accessories, such as wall chargers, USB cables, and extra ear buds. Check the product descriptions of any headsets being considered to see whether or not any accessories are included.

In-Ear Canal Headset Colours

In-ear canal headsets are available in a wide range of colours, including everything from classic silver or black to more unusual colours like turquoise and bright pink. Anyone shopping for an in-ear canal headset may, therefore, wish to ensure that any headset that they are considering is in a colour that will match their mobile phone.

Find In-Ear Canal Headsets on eBay

It is possible to find a wide range of in-ear canal headsets on eBay at prices to suit all budgets. Simply visit the homepage and click on Shop By Category. Select See All Categories to reveal a list of options and choose Mobile Phones & Communication. Scroll down to find a category named Mobile Phone & PDA Accessories. Click on this and then choose Headsets from the list of categories shown on the left-hand side of the page. Then find the category labelled Earpiece Design and click on See All to reveal a list of options. Check the box marked Canal Earbud (In Ear Canal) to reveal a list of suitable products. The products shown can be narrowed down further by using the checkboxes on the left-hand side of the page to find products with specific features or in particular colours. Alternatively, entering keywords such as ‘double in-ear mobile phone headset’ into the search box at the top of the page will produce a list of appropriate options to choose from.


In-ear canal mobile phone headsets are available at a range of different price points, so it should be simple to find a set to suit any budget. However, it is essential to consider the type, style and features required before shopping for a headset, rather than simply choosing the cheapest option, in order to purchase a headset that will provide good value for money. By looking at different products, researching sellers and carrying out price comparisons, it should be possible to find a suitable in-ear canal mobile headset at an affordable price.

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