Your Guide to Purchasing Salon-Quality Trimmers and Clippers on eBay

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Your Guide to Purchasing Salon-Quality Trimmers and Clippers on eBay

eBay is a great platform on which to begin your search for the ideal salon-quality trimmers and clippers . With a range of professional hairdressing and grooming tools available online, it is important to seek out the correct tools.

Manufactured and chosen by professional stylists, salon-quality trimmers and clippers are high quality products that carry out the job at a professional level, but an affordable price. Providing years of service, free of expensive trips to the hairdresser or barbers, professional trimmers and clippers work together to perform to the highest standard.

This guide will explain the easiest ways to find the ideal salon-quality trimmers and clippers and how to purchase them safely and securely on eBay.

Characteristics of Salon-Quality Trimmers and Clippers

Since trimmers and clippers are effectively a replacement for scissors, they do have some similar characteristics. For example, they are made with sets of comb-like blades, which repeatedly slide across each other; when hair passes through these blades it is cut. However they carry out slightly different tasks, such as:


Clippers are large hand-held devices capable of carrying out an entire haircut from start to finish. Some clippers are designed to perform more detailed work such as close shaving or more delicate trimming. Generally however, the clipper's job is to perform the whole of the haircut, removing the bulk of the hair.


Trimmers are smaller versions of clippers. They are designed to do more detailed work such as re-shaping, shaving necks, trimming side-burns and cleaning up a haircut done by clippers. Unlike clippers, trimmers are not specifically designed to cut through the bulk of hair, but carry out tasks more accurately and precisely.

Size and Shape

With some sets designed to trim nose and ear hair and others to perform a complete haircut, the size and shape of trimmers and clippers does vary. Salon-quality products are designed for a high-quality, professional use and are therefore light, streamlined and easy to use. Chosen by professional salons, their models are simple and modern.


Maintain the tools correctly to ensure that they perform to the best of their ability. Store the trimmers and clippers safely; if they were to be knocked, the teeth in the blades could break. Disinfect the tools after each use; this cleans and cools the blades. Replace the blades according to how often they are used; blades that are used regularly can last for up to a year.

They can also be sharpened at a small price. It is good to oil the blades of the trimmers and clippers after each use, since heat is created with the colliding movement of the upper and lower combs, leading to friction.

The largest difference, however, between salon-quality and consumer tools is that the professionals are fitted with added insulation, which helps prevent the build-up of such heat. The oil cools and cleans the tools, removing excess substances such as hair and hair products. To oil the tools, simply put a few drops of oil on to the blades whilst they are switched on - to blend it in to all areas of the combs - before switching it off and drying.


There is a colourful range of salon-quality trimmers and clippers on the market. Some can be bought in sets with changeable frames, allowing one to decide which colour to have. If you have a particular colour in mind, search for the product in the search bar at the top of the page to explore the variety on offer.


Trimmers and clippers are made with stainless steel blades, which prevents rusting. However, ceramic blades are also available. Ceramic blades conduct less heat than stainless steel and stay sharper for longer. However, they are more fragile than the more affordable stainless steel.

Types of Salon-Quality Trimmers and Clippers

Salon-quality trimmers and clippers are designed for different purposes. Trimmers and clippers carry out particular jobs such as a complete haircut, cutting nose hair or trimming ear hair. It is possible however to place the tools into a few main types. Below is a chart, which outlines these types and their function.



Mains Trimmers and Clippers

These are trimmers and clippers, which are plugged in to the mains at a point in a bathroom or bedroom, meaning that there is no need to charge or change any power supplies. Mains cords are long with plenty of room for movement and styling.

Cordless Trimmers and Clippers

Salon-quality trimmers and clippers are often cordless, which allows the user to move around freely whilst trimming hair. The cordless products have a charging unit where the product can be clicked in to place, so it can be charged when not in use.

Adjustable Trimmers and Clippers

As the demand for salon-quality products increases, trimmers and clippers can come as a set, with a series of accessories and changeable blades to suit the developing market. These kits can include other grooming tools, such as nail scissors and hair combs.

What to Consider When Buying Salon-Quality Trimmers and Clippers on eBay

* How often will the trimmers and clippers be used? If they will be used regularly then perhaps cordless products would be more convenient. There are complete trimmer and clipper sets, which provide the complete collection of grooming tools; this might be ideal.

* As is illustrated in the chart above, there are a few different design types to choose from. What kind of trimmers and clippers would be the most appropriate and what are they going to be used for?

* What condition should the products be in? Providing that an item has a changeable blade, there is no reason not to buy it second hand.

* What sort of size and shape should the salon-quality trimmers and clippers be? A modern and light design is expected from a professional product, but should the items come as a set with additional or changeable accessories?

* After browsing the Internet, decide on a price range. You could visit other websites to get an idea of the products on offer, before returning to use the pricing filter on the left hand side of the page to narrow the search down. Filtering options are also available for the type of sale, such as whether it is an auction item or an immediate sale.

* Which colours would look best? Type in the desired item colour to explore what options are available. For example, there are clippers and trimmers on sale that come with a set of changeable blades each of a different colour.

* What sort of the material should the blades be made from? As discussed above, a benefit of purchasing a stainless steel blade is that it will be sturdy; ceramic blades, on the other hand, are more heat resistant and fragile. Consider which material is the most suitable for the desired job; perhaps try both.

Buying Salon-Quality Trimmers and Clippers on eBay

The easiest way to buy salon-quality trimmers and clippers is to browse the Internet to get an idea of the products available from the comfort of home. This will provide an overview of what styles and types of items there are.

The next step is to narrow these options down; the easiest way to do this is eBay. Simply type the item in to the search box at the top of the homepage before using the several preference options available on the left hand side of the page. These preferences filter the products according to the customer's desires, ensuring that only the most suitable items appear in the search. Preferences include:

* The category that the salon-quality trimmers and clippers are in. For example, these products are in the category of Health and Beauty and the subcategory of Hair Removal. Use these categories to narrow down the search and locate the correct items.

* The price range. Use the price bar on the left hand side of the page to choose the desired price range. This will filter the search results down to the products that match the price range.

* The format of the sale. This includes whether the item is an auction, bidding or a '' buy it now'' sale. If the trimmers and clippers are needed quickly, perhaps a ''buy it now'' sale is preferable.

* The location of the item. Locations such as ''UK only'' or ''European Union'' can be selected for the purpose and convenience of delivery.

* The type of delivery. This could be express delivery, For example, if the items need to be delivered by the following day.

* The condition of the trimmers and clippers. Providing that they have removable blades, there is no reason not to buy second hand products.

These filtering options are the most useful way to narrow the search and bring forward the most suitable items. The wide range of salon-quality trimmers and clippers available on eBay is advantageous because one is able to browse and distinguish the items that suit their needs. Further information on the products and their sellers can also be found on the individual product page by clicking on the item.

Safety Considerations When Buying on eBay

There are a few safety considerations to take in to account when shopping on eBay. Be sure to check that the seller has positive feedback. If there is any negativity, find out why and what the outcome of the issue was. Be wary if it is the seller's first time selling an item.

Any questions about the seller of the items can be entered in to the question box found at the bottom of the product page. Previous questions and answers about the seller and items can also be found here. When satisfied with the products and seller, use PayPal to make a secure payment.


Salon-quality trimmers and clippers are an affordable alternative to frequent visits to the hairdresser and barbers. Use the tools to create an individual style, as frequently as you like and in your own time. When searching for the items, think about which type of product would be the most suitable; what sort of material should the blades be made from? What colours are preferable?

eBay is the ideal platform on which to search for professional trimmers and clippers from the comfort of home. Remember to check the terms and conditions when it is time to finalise your purchase.

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