Your Guide to Purchasing a 4-Door Mini Cooper

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Your Guide to Purchasing a 4-Door Mini Cooper

Known for their British style and flair, Mini Cooper manufactures fuel efficient, compact coupes and hatchbacks that are considered by many to be one of a kind. Mini Coopers also hold awards for the highest safety picks, best resale value, best vehicle to maintain its value, and most environmentally friendly. Four door Minis are surprisingly spacious, yet small enough to still squeeze into small parking spaces. Unlike two or three door Mini Coopers, four door Minis are ideal for families with children since the backseat is easy to access.

You can purchase a Mini from a Mini Cooper dealership, a general car dealership, or online using websites like eBay.. Unlike dealerships, eBay offers thousands of models of Minis in one location, making it easy on the buyer to research and compare different cars before making a purchase. By understanding the different types of four door Minis, setting a budget, and finding a trustworthy seller, it is easy to find a Mini that you are sure to love.

Types of 4-Door Mini Coopers

Although most Minis are two door coupes or three door hatchbacks, the Mini Countryman is the largest of the Mini models, and the only one to feature four doors. The Mini Countryman is the closest vehicle Mini offers to an SUV. The price of the Countryman varies based on the type and features. Some models of Mini Countryman are available in two or four wheel drive, and all models are known for their outstanding fuel economy. Each model of Mini comes with different types including the One, One D, Cooper, Cooper D, Cooper S, Cooper DS and John Cooper, which differ in size, power, and performance.

Mini One Countryman

The Mini One Countryman is the basic model of the four door Mini Countryman that runs on petrol.. It is also the least expensive model. The Countryman One was the first four door Minis that was introduced. Unlike other SUVs, Mini Ones are a mere four metres in length, making them easy to manoeuvre or park. In addition, they also get much better fuel economy than other vehicles in its class.

Mini One D

The Mini One Diesel Countryman, or Mini One D for short, is also a standard model of the Mini Countryman, which runs on Diesel fuel instead of petrol. Although the Mini One D is a bit more expensive than the Mini One, it has exceptional gas mileage, averaging 64.2 miles per gallon, which saves drivers money on fuel throughout the life of the vehicle.

Mini Cooper Countryman

The Mini Cooper Countryman is the next step up from the Mini One, and features a more powerful engine and excellent handling. The Mini Cooper Countryman runs on petrol, and averages 47 miles per gallon. It is also a bit more expensive than the standard Countryman One and Countryman One D, but is better for those looking for a more powerful ride.

Mini Cooper Countryman D

Featuring the same powerful engine as the Mini Cooper Countryman, the Mini Cooper Countryman D also features a diesel engine that averages 64.2 miles per gallon. Like the Countryman One D, the Mini Cooper Countryman D is a bit more expensive than the standard Cooper Countryman, but saves the owner money on fuel costs over time. The Mini Cooper D also has a two or four wheel drive option. For those who live in places with harsh winters or rough roads, four wheel drive is an important safety feature to consider when buying a car.

Mini Cooper Countryman S

The Mini Cooper Countryman S is the sport version of the Countryman. Featuring a more powerful turbocharged engine, and differences in transmission, suspension, and style, the Mini Cooper Countryman S is an ideal fit for most outdoor types. The Cooper S version of the Countryman features a more muscular and sporty look, and goes from zero to 60 in 7.6 seconds. Even with the more powerful engine, the Mini Cooper Countryman is also extremely fuel efficient, averaging 47.1 miles per gallon, and is a bit more expensive than more basic models.

Mini Cooper Countryman SD

With all the sportiness, power, and performance, the Mini Cooper Countryman SD matches the power of the Mini Cooper Countryman S with a fuel efficient diesel engine that averages 61.4 miles per gallon. It also has a slightly higher price. The Mini Cooper Countryman SD also features a sporty exterior and is also available in four wheel drive.

Mini John Works Countryman

The Mini John Works Countryman is the largest and most powerful Countryman among the Countryman models, but is also the most expensive. It is the only one that comes standard with four wheel drive, making it easy go off road. The John Works Countryman features a sleek design and turbocharged engine, bringing it from zero to 60 in seven seconds. This model also features a sport button and twin power exhaust.

Set a Budget

When shopping for a four door Mini, it is important to set a budget so you do not overspend when choosing a car. When setting a price range for your purchase, take into account the cost of the down payment, monthly payments, interest rate, and insurance cost. The longer you take to pay off the car, the more money you have to pay in interest. By putting more money down for the down payment of the car, you can save money on interest and pay less per month. Check out the starting prices of each type of four door Minis to determine which price range is best for you.

Additional features such as leather seats, navigation, and a sunroof, add to the cost of the overall price of the vehicle, so determining which additional features are most important is a helpful way to save money when shopping for a Mini. Another way to save money when purchasing a Mini Cooper is by purchasing a gently used car as opposed to a new car. Used cars with low miles and a clear history report have all of the perks of a new car, without the expensive price tag.

Find a Trustworthy Seller

Especially when buying a used car, finding a trustworthy seller is one of the most important thing to consider before making a purchase. Sellers should be open about the details, or of any problems with the vehicle, and should not hesitate to let you come and test drive the vehicle. When shopping on eBay, the detailed seller ratings make it easy to find trustworthy sellers. Detailed seller ratings on eBay show feedback and ratings from transactions the seller has had with other eBay customers. eBay's Top-rated sellers are the sellers with the highest number of positive customer feedback, making it easy to trust them when purchasing a car. Beware of sellers with hidden ratings or feedback, or for those who do not allow you to test drive, or view, the car before making an agreement.

How to Purchase a 4-Door Mini Cooper on eBay

No matter which model of Mini you are looking for, eBay has a large selection which makes it easy to find the best car for your needs. Because of the large selection, eBay also makes it easy to research prices and models of Minis from the comfort of your own home. After understanding the different types of four door Minis, setting a budget, and knowing how to find a trustworthy seller, you are ready to begin your search on eBay. To find a specific Mini model, you can search specific keywords in the keyword search bar. To browse different types of Minis and the prices of each, you can search a broader search such as Mini, and then narrow results to only show those with four doors.

eBay also makes it easy to narrow results based on other factors, such as condition, fuel type, transmission, or colour, so you can easily find the best car for your needs and budget. Being able to set your price maximum is another benefit to shopping on eBay. By setting your price maximum, you do not need to waste time searching through Mini Coopers outside of your price range, making it easy to stick to your budget. Another helpful tool when shopping for a Mini on eBay is the option to search by location, so you can find cars close to home that you can easily test drive and check out before deciding and making a purchase.


Instead of purchasing a large, expensive SUV with poor fuel economy, Mini offers a compact version of an SUV, with both fuel efficiency and power. Even basic models of four door Minis make it easy to access the back seat, which is ideal for those with families or small children in car seats. The award winning safety of the Mini is another reason why they make great family cars.

Mini Countryman models, such as the Countryman Cooper S, and the John Cooper Countryman, have much more power than any standard family vehicle. For those looking for the feel of a sports car without compromising the safety and reliability of a Mini, the Cooper S and John Cooper Countryman combine the best of both worlds. No matter which type of Mini you are looking for, eBay can help you research, compare, and purchase a Mini Cooper that is perfect for you or your family.

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