Your Guide to Purchasing a Used Training Bench

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Your Guide to Purchasing a Used Training Bench

eBay has a range of used training benches available online at affordable prices. Providing that a training bench works and can be cleaned, there is no reason not to purchase one second-hand. Training benches are an excellent way to customise your workout. Usually adjustable and often padded, the benches are ideal for performing a range of exercises for all muscle groups.

Great to lie, rest or sit on, benches are an excellent support when performing exercises; and some are tailored to help with particular training tasks. This guide will explain the easiest ways to search for a used training bench and how to purchase one safely and securely on eBay.

Types of Training Benches

Training benches are designed for many different uses with some made to focus on one particular part of the body, and others ideal for performing lots of different kinds of exercises on different areas of the body. In general though, there are three main types of training benches:


Type of Training Bench







Incline Bench

Incline benches focus primarily on the upper pectorals by lowering the pelvis and elevating the shoulders. Incline benches are useful because they have a sloped and a flat surface in their design, which can be adjusted to alter the difficulty of exercise. The incline bench can also be used to focus on other areas of the body such as the shoulder muscles.





Decline Bench


The decline bench focuses on the lower pectorals by lowering the head and elevating the pelvis. This bench often comes with a leg attachment. This attachment is used for wrapping the knees around to remains in the same position during the exercise. This bench is stronger and more suitable for using heavy weights than other bench types.




Flat Bench

Flat benches are useful for performing any exercise that requires sitting, lying or resting on a flat surface. Great for improving dumbbell workouts, this bench stimulates both the upper and lower pectorals at the same time. This makes it the most popular type of bench.

Characteristics of a Used Training Bench

Training benches have characteristics that make them either a useful addition to a workout or a great place to start.

All types of training benches have a similar metal frame, with some benches allowing for additional attachments to the frame for weight holders or other gym equipment. The bench seat is padded with foam and covered with easy-grip cloth.

Size and Shape
Training benches are sold at varying shapes and sizes depending on the customer’s build and desires. Benches are adjustable to accommodate different customers, with some being both an incline and decline bench in one. Be careful, however, as if the height of the bench is changed between workouts you will need to remember the exact angles you were working out with before.

Be sure to wipe the training bench clean of sweat after every use. Do this with a dry, clean cloth. Wipe the padded seat with a light detergent spray cleaner to keep it fresh for next time. If the bench is used particularly frequently, wash the bench’s frame and seat thoroughly after use; an ammonia-based spray cleaner is recommended. If there are any scratches to the frame, take a moment to touch these up with paint regularly to ensure that the equipment remains in the best condition.

Since the training bench will have been used before, there is a possibility that there will be some small marks or wears to the frame; this, however, does not affect the overall performance of the product. Alternatively, the bench may well have only been used once or twice and will therefore appear like new.

With black being the most popular training bench colour online, there are also other colours available such as red. Custom bench colours are also available, giving the customer maximum freedom of choice.

What to Consider When Buying a Used Training Bench

  • After viewing the range of used training benches online, get a price range in mind. By using the price preference bar on the left hand side of the page the list of products can be filtered to the desired price, ensuring that only the most suitable benches are viewed.
  • Which type of training bench is the most suitable? Do you need to work specifically on the lower pectorals? In which case, the decline bench would be ideal. Alternatively, if the bench is needed to perform an array of exercises designed to focus on all kinds of areas of the body, the flat bench would be the most suitable. Effectively, consider what the bench will be used for.
  • Do any attachable parts need to be added to the training bench? Some benches come in a set with other parts that are designed to enhance the workout experience; this is something to research and consider.
  • How big does the training bench need to be? The size of the bench required will depend on your height and build. To find out a product’s size and measurements, simply visit the product page, which can be found by clicking on the image of the bench.
  • How much room do you have for the training bench? Benches are most commonly adjustable and can be folded away. If there is very limited space available, a collapsible bench would be ideal for a more convenient storage plan.

Purchasing a Used Training Bench on eBay

The easiest way to search for and purchase a used training bench is online. After browsing the range of products available, the next stage is to narrow down the search to the benches which are the most suitable. The quickest way to do this is eBay. Simply visit the eBay homepage and enter the product in to the search bar at the top of the page. When the search list appears, use the preference options on the left hand side of the page the filter it.

Choices of used training benches can be narrowed down using the following preference options:

  • The category and subcategory of the item. For example, used training benches are in the category of Sporting Goods and the subcategory of Fitness, Running and Yoga.
  • The format of the sale: choose from auction, bidding or ‘buy it now’ sale options.
  • The location of the used training bench. This is for the purpose of delivery, for example ‘European Union’ and ‘UK only’ are options.
  • The type of delivery. If the training bench is required as quickly as possible, tick the ‘Express Delivery’ box for example.
  • The condition of the item. Since you will be looking specifically for a used training bench, be sure to tick the ‘Used’ box on the left hand side of the page. This ensures that only second-hand training benches appear in the search.
  • Select the desired price range by using the price bar provided; this filters the search to products that exist within this chosen range.

Choose from these filters to allow eBay to bring forward the relevant used training benches.  The wide range of benches available on eBay is advantageous because it provides the customer with a broad introduction to the product before filtering the search results to arrive at only the most suitable items.

Further information on the item is also available on the product page; simply click on the desired item to be directed.

eBay Safety Considerations

There are a few safety considerations to take in to account when buying your used training bench from eBay. Make sure that the seller of the item has positive feedback from previous customers. Additionally, see if there has been any negative feedback and if so find out how the issue was resolved. You should also be wary if it is the seller’s first time selling an item.

Before making a purchase, do not hesitate to ask questions about the product or the seller. This can be done by scrolling to the bottom of the product page and entering the question in to the box provided. Previous questions that have been posted to the seller can also be seen here with their answers, which may be of use. A Customer Support service is also available. When ready to make a purchase, use PayPal to carry out a safe and secure payment.


Used training benches are an excellent and more affordable addition to a workout. Rather than purchasing brand new equipment, second-hand benches are reasonably priced and often appear ‘like new’ due to their lack of previous wear. Easily cleaned and maintained, benches are a useful base on which to perform a range of exercises.

With their usually adjustable frames, personalise the bench to suit your size and workout to ensure a sufficient improvement in exercise techniques. When buying the bench, consider how much room it needs. Would a collapsible bench be ideal? What colour frame would be preferable? Remember that you can browse other websites to get an idea of the products available before returning to eBay to narrow down the search. When it is time to finalise the purchase, take a moment to review the terms and conditions.

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