Your Guide to Repro Clothing

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Your Guide to Repro Clothing

Whether you need repro or reenactment clothing to wear in celebration of an historical event, or for a fancy dress party, getting all the details right is important. You can find accurate costumes for many interesting time periods, including World War II military and civilian attire. Proper attire in the fashion of the times allows for much more realistic reproductions.


Medieval Repro Clothing

Gearing up and kitting out in medieval reenactment costuming can cover a broad range of times and medieval dress choices. For the ladies, Maid Marion and Renaissance gowns are popular as are barmaid and homemaker costumes. The dresses should be long, reaching past the ankles with long sleeves and modest bodice construction. Gentlemen can wear crosses, swords, daggers, boots, and leggings. For accuracy, wool fabrics to reproduce the early medieval period, and cottons or linens to reproduce the later period are most accurate. Hand stitching enhances the look of medieval costumes. Colours should be earth tones, as dyes were very expensive, so most clothing was in natural colours. 


Viking Repro Clothing

Viking reenactment can be fun and exciting, but please leave the horned helmets at home, as they are not an accurate historical representation. Viking jewellery includes items crafted of bronze and fibres. Hats featured wool construction, handcrafted by the women and worn by both genders. Skirts were long, and men's pants were usually of leather or wool. Shirts pulled over the head and most featured long sleeves. Animal skin boots were the norm and people made them water resistant by using oil or animal fat.


The World at War Repro Clothing

You can find World War I and World War II military uniforms for sale and they make great reenactment clothing. British uniforms were of wool, although some were linen, especially in tropical areas of the world. Reenactment clothing from the Allied and Axis countries of the Second World War is easier to find than clothing from the First World War. Kit and gear complete the outfit, including helmets, ammo belts, canteens, reproduction non-working sidearms, and swords for officers.


British Civil War Military Repro Clothing

During the British Civil War, it was unusual for the soldiers to have a uniform. They wore whatever clothing they owned when called into service. Wool pants, corded belts, cotton or linen shirts, and animal skin boots were the order of the day. Some units did have matching hats or put feathers in their hats as a means of identification. For British Civil War repro, a variety of colours and styles makes it difficult to select one style to cover all the different units. Women wore long loose dresses or skirts, petticoats, jackets over blouses, and camisoles.

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