Your Guide to Selecting a Pen Drive

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Your Guide to Selecting a Pen Drive

A pen drive is a handy and compact storage device that you can take anywhere you go. Moreover, these devices are durable and rarely break. They can come in many shapes, sizes, and capacities, so you have many options when selecting a pen drive.


Pen Drive Storage Capacity

The storage capacities of pen drives have increased significantly. Upon their invention, pen drives could only store 8 MB of data. Modern pen drives are equal to or even larger than computer hard drives as they can store up to 1 TB of data. Many owners could easily fit all their files on smaller drives, such as 512 GB. The USB mass storage standard is compatible with Windows, OS X, Linux, and Unix-based operating systems.


Pen Drive Durability

Compared to CDs and DVDs, pen drives are much more durable because they are not subject to losing data because of some scratches on the surface. However, if you often drop the pen drive, go for a more durable model. They typically have rubber casings that protect them from impact and could also come with a watertight seal for the USB cap. These drives can endure several drops and even cycles in the washing machine and baking in the oven. For better durability, always cover your USB drive with a cap when not in use to avoid any dust or other particles getting inside the sensitive microchip structure.


Pen Drive Security

If you are storing sensitive or confidential data, you might require an extra secure pen drive. Secure drives provide hardware encryption and include an onboard co-processor that handles the encryption algorithms and allows the drive to have moderate read and writing speeds. Opt for a drive with at least 128-bit AES encryption. The security level may vary according to your needs. Simpler devices require a password, while more complex systems could use biometric fingerprint scanning or combination locks. Some drives also feature self-destruct sequences, centralised remote management, and tamper-evident designs.


Novelty Pen Drives

The novelty pen drives stand out from the rest for their designs or bundled features. Interesting designs allow owners to make the pen drive a stylish accessory. For instance, it could look like Dr. Martens boots, a Mini Cooper, a Swiss Army knife, or a Transformers character. Such drives could sometimes also be insanely small and thus ultra-portable. Novelty drives also experiment with a range of colours and can use interesting combinations in their design. Select a novelty drive if you want to express your personality or some kind of attitude. Moreover, the drive could be multi-functional and perform as a torch.

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