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This infographic tells you all you need to know to get the perfect fitted shirt, and all about the variations that you may come across; invaluable knowledge when dressing to impress.

There are generally six types of collar that you will find when buying a shirt, and they all have their own place.

Straight – this is a classic collar shape and the one you will most see most often. Versatile and won’t look out of place when worn with anything, but complimented best by a smaller knot.
Button down – this collar is the most casual amongst the ones mentioned here. Easily worn with or without a tie, this should be your go to when worn with jeans or chinos.
Spread – the spread collar is a little rarer to see than other collars. Best suited to those with narrow faces, and paired wonderfully with a slim tie and small knot for a chic appearance.
Cutaway – the cutaway is a collar made for a full or half Windsor knot, although it can be worn without, the wide spacing really excels are showing off a fancy knot.
Club – the club collar has an interesting history behind it. Initially an Eton university exclusive, it eventually made its way onto the necks of the masses, the club collar is typically worn with a collar pin.
Tab – the tab collar must be worn with a tie due to the narrow width of the space. Handily, this collar accentuates the tie greatly so you can show off fancy neck wear.

Once you’ve chosen the collar for your occasion, you have a good idea of the shirt you want. The infographic shows all of the components of a shirt, while not really essential knowledge; it can always be useful to know more! If you follow the four golden rules you should finish with a perfect fit every time;

Collar – you should be able to slide in two fingers when buttoned.
Shoulder – the seam should meet the corner of your shoulder.
Torso – the shirt should not give more than 3”-4” of fabric when pulled away.
Cuffs – the sleeve should end where your palm meets your wrist.

With this expertise, you now have all the tools you need to buy a shirt that fits perfectly, and is perfectly suited to the occasion at hand.

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