Your Guide to Starting a Comic Book Collection

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Your Guide to Starting a Comic Book Collection

Comics have entertained readers for generations. They are full of the wild adventures of well-known superheroes, and provide a glimpse into an imaginative world. The numerous characters and storylines keep collectors searching for the right issue to add to their display. To start collecting comics, buyers should choose a publisher or character and look for special editions.


Publishers of Comics

Marvel Comics and DC Comics dominate the industry. Marvel Comics publishes titles for the Avengers team of superheroes that includes Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, and Thor. DC comics feature characters that include Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, and Batman. Many comic collectors feel passionately about a particular publisher, but others own comics from both Marvel Comics and DC Comics.


Characters in Comics

To begin a collection, buyers can choose a favourite character, such as Superman or Batman. For fans of Superman, there are recent comics available. From there, they can branch out into collections, such as "The Adventures of Superman" or "Superman Unchained". Fans of Batman have numerous choices, including the "Batman Chronicles" that ran from 1995 to 2001. Other collections include "Batman and Robin Adventures" and "Batman Beyond". Another option is for collectors to focus on a team of superheroes, such as the X-Men, Avengers, or Justice League.


Collecting Special Edition Comics

First edition comics for any character are rare, but valuable. These editions are essential when completing a collection of a series. Special autographed comics are also valued highly by comic enthusiasts.


Storing a Collection of Comics

Comics require special attention if owners would like to retain their value and keep them in good condition. Collectors should store comics in a cool, dry place to avoid water damage or humidity. Some collectors frame their comics or put them in special comic boxes or bags. Whether in boxes or on display, owners should avoid exposing comics to sunlight, which causes fading. Rare comics may be best kept in a locked, airtight box. Rips and tears tend to lower the value of a comic, so owners should be careful when reading their collection.

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