Your Guide to Ultimate Fantastic Four Comics

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Your Guide to Ultimate Fantastic Four Comics

The Fantastic Four include some of the most popular superheroes in comic books. Created in the 1960’s, this team of superheroes consists of Mister Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Thing, and The Human Torch. The Ultimate Fantastic Four is a modernised version of the classic comic. When collecting Ultimate Fantastic Four comics, you should be sure to know about all the members and their powers, and the differences between this version and the original.


Mister Fantastic

Reed Richards developed his super powers when, at age 21, an experiment he was conducting went wrong, and gave him amazing durability, and the power to stretch his body parts to extreme lengths. In Ultimate Fantastic Four, his powers are even stronger. He does not need food or drink and has no internal organs. He can also stretch his eyes, enabling him to see things at far distances for short periods of time.


The Invisible Woman

Sue Storm also developed her superpowers during the same experiment as Mister Fantastic. She has the power to make herself and the people around her invisible, as well as the ability to create invisible force fields. In the Ultimate Fantastic Four, she uses her powers to get the team of heroes out of some pretty bad situations.


The Thing

Also transformed during Reed’s experiment was Benjamin Grimm, Reed’s best friend. His transformation built on his physical capabilities. He developed a tough hide for skin, making him extremely strong and unable to feel physical pain. The Thing is also immune to physiological conditions such as extreme weather or toxic gas. The Thing does not undergo many changes in Ultimate Fantastic Four.


The Human Torch

The younger brother of Sue Storm, Johnny Storm is the youngest of the Fantastic Four. He has the ability to engulf himself in flames and shoot fiery objects at opponents as well, in addition to the ability to fly.


The Various Versions

The Ultimate Fantastic Four is a more modern version of the original comic from the 1960’s. In Ultimate, the team is much younger and the setting is in modern day New York. However, the biggest difference between the two is how the heroes developed their powers. In Ultimate, their powers are created when they are part of Reed’s science experiment gone wrong. In the original series, the heroes get their powers from rays they are exposed to during a trip to outer space.

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