Your Guide to Vintage Tins

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Your Guide to Vintage Tins

Vintage tins are an excellent collectible item that varies in value, quality, and style, allowing you to put as much time and money into your collection as you want. You can choose to purchase specific brand tins, or just collect any that take your fancy. Whether you are shopping for these items to start a collection or to expand it, learning about vintage tins can help you make an informed buying decision.


Vintage Tin Brand

Collectors can choose from hundreds of thousands of different tins from different brands and designers that range from tea manufacturers to specific collectibles like Daher or Watkins. You may want to consider purchasing a guide to tins to help with identification and valuing, such as the 'Antique Tins: Identification and Value Books 1-3' by Fred Dodge, if you are buying general antique tins; 'Tobacco Tins: A Collector's Guide' by Douglas Congdon-Martin if you are buying tobacciana; or 'The Book of Collectible Tin Containers with Price Guide' by Ernest L. Pettit if you want any collectible tins.


Vintage Tin Age

Generally, the older the tin, the better it is for a vintage or antique tin collection. Old tins are more valuable, rarer, and more prestigious than newer tins. For example, an antique tin from the 1800s is significantly more valuable than a retro one from 1970. Consider checking the rough value of each generation of tins you are interested in, and then choosing the oldest that fit into your budget if age is a consideration for your collection.


Vintage Tin Rarity

Rarity may be an important aspect to take into account when looking for new additions to your vintage tin collection. A good reason to own rare tins such as an 1890s Mentholatum ointment tin, or a Pipe Major tin, is that very few other collectors will have them. If you love the thrill of the hunt, then collecting rare tins is a good idea. However, you should research each tin before you purchase it so that you understand why it is rare or valuable before spending money on it.


Vintage Tin Style and Theme

While you may want to collect every tin you can get your hands on, some collectors decide to collect vintage tins from specific themes or styles. While you can choose to purchase only collectible and designer tins such as Murray Allen confections or Thornes, you can also consider storage tins, tobacco tins, tea tins, sweet tins, biscuit tins, Cadbury chocolate tins, floral tins, or whatever other theme you want. A theme allows you to organise your collection without restricting your purchases to specific designers, years, or periods, which gives you more freedom with your collection.

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