Your Guide to WW1 Memorabilia

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Your Guide to WW1 Memorabilia

Memorabilia from World War I is incredibly popular amongst collectors, due to the historical significance and rarity of intact items. While not every collectible is worth a fortune, many small pieces round out a collection to depict life as it was for soldiers and civilians in WWI. When searching for turn-of-the-century collectibles on eBay, be specific in your searches. With so many different countries fighting in The Great War, you can choose to collect pieces only from home, or seek out the WWI memorabilia of soldiers abroad.


Weaponry, Armour, and Apparel

The items that the soldiers wore and carried are highly valued for the picture they paint of a soldier since passed. However, some pieces are more collectible than others. Helmets and medals from WWI are bountiful; you can also find countless badges and insignia, which were connected to a soldier's jacket or helmet to signify their rank or company. Other items, like wristwatches and belts, were modified during the war to be more useful and less obstructive during battle. You are unlikely to find uniforms intact, though they are valuable when you do. You can also find mundane items, such as sleeping bags and packs used by soldiers. The weaponry used in WWI is an interesting mixture of that suited for cavalry and more modern pieces. Soldiers began to use sniper scopes for guns, but they also still had bayonets and sabres as well. Soldiers also used handheld weapons like pistols and knives.


WW1 Art

Even during conflict soldiers and civilians found ways to express themselves artistically. Trench art became popular during WWI, even though it was commonplace in previous conflicts as well. Trench art includes pieces carved from bullet and shell casings or wood; both soldiers and prisoners-of-war created trench art. Some companies used leftover pieces from the war to create mass-produced "trench art" as well. Another art form perfected during the first world war were the propaganda posters. Some of the most popular posters were in turn used for WWII, such as the iconic Uncle Sam "I Want You" poster.


WW2 Everyday Items

The war effort provided a lot of pieces that are both interesting and occasionally worth a bit of money. While letters and journals are not typically valuable unless they were penned by a famous war hero (or villain), these pieces of history are collectible for the insight they give to the common men and women who served. Photos, postcards, and newspapers provide a unique picture of what life was like both in the United Kingdom and abroad during the war. Pieces from the era include the flags, books, and manuals, both those used during battle and outside of it.

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