Your Guide to Watch Battery Types

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Your Guide to Watch Battery Types

Watch batteries are a vital component in many timepieces. Most batteries are easy to replace without taking the watch to a jeweller. There are several types of watch batteries available, each with advantages and disadvantages. Buyers should understand each type of battery so that they can purchase the appropriate product for their watch.


Mercury Watch Batteries

Mercury watch batteries were once the most commonly used form. They have a capacity of 1.36 volts and offer nearly three years of use in a single function watch. However, these batteries contain a substance that is highly toxic to animals and humans. This means that the production of mercury watch batteries has virtually ceased.


Silver Oxide Watch Batteries

Silver oxide batteries are a good alternative to mercury versions. They are made in a similar way, but contain silver oxide rather than mercury. This makes them a more environmentally-friendly alternative. Silver oxide batteries also hold a greater charge than mercury versions. These 1.55 volt batteries provide steady and consistent power when in use, which means that they are not prone to power fluctuations that could damage the watch. However, a disadvantage of silver oxide watch batteries is that they have a fairly short shelf life. They begin losing their charge after about one and a half years. Duracell makes high quality silver oxide watch batteries in a wide variety of sizes.


Lithium Watch Batteries

Three-volt lithium watch batteries last a long time, often more than five years in a watch that has only a few functions. They also have a long shelf life; they hold a charge for up to 10 years when not in use. Long lasting lithium batteries are ideal for quartz watches and timepieces with multiple functions.


Alkaline Watch Batteries

Alkaline watch batteries are usually the least expensive type. These 1.5 volt batteries do not have a long life; few alkaline watch batteries last beyond one year. However, they often come in large value packs, and even sets of assorted sizes. This makes them a good choice for those that need batteries for a range of timepieces.

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