Your Guide to Wool Craft Kits

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Your Guide to Wool Craft Kits

Wool is a favoured fabric among needle felters and knitters. Fortunately, neither craft is difficult to learn, so anyone can pick up the hobby. To build a complete wool craft kit, you may need different kinds of wool, many needles, and additional crafting supplies to decorate the final product.


Choose a Wool for Your Wool Crafts

If you are putting together a wool kit, consider the final product. One type of wool might work well for felting animals, whereas another type is more suitable for creating dolls. Of course, you need wool yarn for knitting, which is a different animal altogether. This is why wool craft kits are often meant for crafting a specific toy: for example, a lamb. For those buying a premade wool craft kit, consider getting one with a sample pack of wools.


Select a Felting Needle for Your Wool Crafts

A felting needle has barbed blades to turn wool into felt by repeatedly pushing the needle into the fabric. Due to this, wool felting is not suitable for young children. Felting needles have different gauges, and they are often colour-coded so users can tell the difference between them. A basic wool craft kit generally comes with one or two felting needles, but you can also buy a complete set. Some common felting needles are triangle blades and star blades. If you only want one needle, go with a fine gauge triangle blade because it is ideal for general felting.


Buy Wool Yarn for Knitting

If you love crafts and wool felting, you might also love knitting with wool because the fabric is a favourite among knitters. Unlike wool felting, this craft is suitable for children. Although "needles" are involved, knitting needles are blunt and generally harmless. You can buy a basic set of knitting needles to include in a wool craft kit. In addition to yarn, this is all anyone needs to learn the very first steps in knitting. Choose a colour of wool yarn that appeals to you.


Get a Storage Kit for Your Wool Crafting Supplies

Look into sewing kits, plastic containers, and other organisers to best store your wool craft supplies. If the kit is meant as a gift, be careful to organise everything in an aesthetic manner. When buying pre-made kits, the storage container varies depending on the company. Some wool craft kits come with permanent storage containers, whereas others come in easily breakable boxes meant for temporary storage. Whatever you do, keep the wool organised so it doesn't tangle too badly.


Other Wool Craft Ideas and Kits

Wool is a popular fabric for sewing, decorating, and keeping warm during cold nights. Whether you are creating a wool craft kit or buying one, there are thousands of projects available for all age groups. Consider wool quilting kits, wool felt kits, and wool sewing kits.

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