Your Guide to the Dulux Paint Pod Roller System

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Your house needs a change, but dragging out a bunch of messy paint trays, rollers, and paintbrushes sounds less than appealing. Nix the mess when you use the Dulux PaintPod roller system instead. The PaintPod eliminates traditional Dulux paint and rollers, and substitutes a simple, clean, and neat painting system in its place. See what the PaintPod has to offer and you may be looking forward to renovating your home.


PaintPod Overview

What exactly is a PaintPod? The PaintPod is a painting system which uses a special applicator to apply Dulux PaintPod Emulsion paint to your home. You only use as much paint as you need when you press the trigger to release the paint to the roller, so you do not have to worry about drips or spills. The paint applies smoothly, and no job is too big. The PaintPod rolling tube is extendable so you can reach those out-of-the-way spots. There is no need to load up trays with paint, keep dipping in a messy roller, and waste paint that costs money. The PaintPod paint roller system allows you to receive just the right amount of paint.


Pick a PaintPod

There are two different PaintPod sizes. The original PaintPod powers by mains, and the light, portable PaintPod Compact attaches directly to a paint pack, and it runs on batteries. The smaller PaintPod is perfect if you are short on space and it stores easily. The original PaintPod comes with the paint roller, a paintbrush and a paint delivery tube. The compact version comes with everything the original PaintPod does, but it is not a self-cleaning unit.


Paint Shades

Dulux PaintPod Silk Emulsion comes in a variety of shades, and you can purchase the paint in 5-litre sizes. Some of the ready-mixed shades you can purchase include Cornflower White, Blue Reflection, Egyptian Cotton, Blossom White, and Gentle Lavender. There are 30 different Silk Emulsion shades to pick from.


PaintPod Parts and Accessories

Enhance your PaintPod experience, or replace parts when necessary when you purchase PaintPod extras, including replacement roller sleeves, edging brushes for painting around corners, doors, and windows, or long-reach handles, which extend your PaintPod's reach for high ceilings. The handles work with both PaintPod sizes. Replace your dip tube when required, or purchase a 2 metre extension tube for painting stairwells or other hard-to-reach spots. Keep your PaintPod in top shape with replacement parts, such as an edging spout, dip tube rest, edging cup, dip tube wipe, or power supply unit. These parts are affordable and help maintain and extend the life of your PaintPod.

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