Your guide to Dual SIM Phones

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Dual SIM Mobile Phone
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Dual SIM Mobile Phone

What is a dual SIM phone

A dual SIM phone is a phone with slots for two SIM cards.  Effectively you have two phone numbers and two connections to different phone networks.  You can make or receive calls, send or receive text messages on either number. 

When would you need a dual SIM phone?

Travel:  A dual SIM phone is invaluable on holiday. You can keep your regular SIM card in your phone and add a local SIM card in the second slot. This means you will be able to make local calls and texts, receive international calls and texts cheaply. You will also continue to be accessible to friends and family who can still call and text you on your normal number.
Home/Work: If you have two phones one for work and one for personal use; you will be used to carrying two phones. A dual phone eliminates carrying two phones. It’s also useful for keeping your personal and professional lives separate.
Balanced Calling Plans:  Another great and common use for a Dual SIM is to take advantage of imbalanced calling plans. For example, you might use a SIM that gives you unlimited data/internet access to supplement the cheap internet limited contract that provides good value minutes and texts. You may also call abroad a lot and have a cheap international calling SIM now you don’t have to keep swapping SIM cards every time you want to call abroad or have two handsets. 

Different types of Dual SIM Phones:

It is important to ensure that you’re getting the right kind of Dual SIM phone. There are a few different types, distinguished by what you can accomplish whilst the two cards are installed.
Shift: A second SIM card slot exists, but switching is manually activated.
Standby: Both SIMs are connected at the same time, but if one SIM is in a call the other will be busy.
Active: Both SIMs can be used at once, allowing incoming calls on the other SIM to be accepted or rejected.
Talk: Both SIMs can be talked on at once, allowing two different callers to be talked to at once.

Typically, Dual SIM Standby will be enough for most needs, although Dual SIM active can be a handy upgrade if you spend a lot of time using your phone for calls instead of for internet access or texts. It’s worth noting that most dual SIM phones will only support a 3G connection on one of the SIMs, so if you are using one for Internet and the other for calls make sure they’re the right way around.

Find the Perfect Dual SIM Mobiles and Smartphones on eBay

Dual SIM phones can be easily found in the  Mobile Phones & Communication section of eBay, located by following the Electronics & Technology tab from the eBay homepage. From this section, simply select  Mobile & Smart Phones to bring up phone listings. Alternatively search for "dual SIM smartphone", "dual SIM mobile" or "dual SIM Alcatel" in eBay search bar on home page
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