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Click on the above image to find out more about Cork insoles...
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Click on the above image to find out more about Cork insoles...

Cork Shoe Insoles

Cork Insoles are a great way to protect your feet from impact, their durable and don't wear down easy! Natural Cork absorbs perspiration to keep feet cool and fresh whilst reducing foot fatigue with it's natural cushioning. These are ideal if your on your feet most of the day, and these types of insoles can be work in any type of footwear- casual footwear, boots, trainers, running shoes ect. You can find great value natural cork shoe insoles from Stompers! and Paton's, a manarfactuer using "only the finest materials", by clicking HERE.

'Foot Freshening' Shoe Insoles

'Foot Freshening' shoe insoles are perfect for eliminating foot odors. An example is Bama's Fresh'ins, a high quality shoe insole made of 6 layers of different technology offering comfy, odorless and fresh feeling shoes. Bama's Fresh'ins and many other 'foot freshening' shoe insoles use similar technology, and feature a soft surface used for drawing moisture and polymers for  absorption of moistures. In Bama's Fresh'ins, an extra fragrance layer is used to ensure freshness of your feet. Warning: low quality 'foot freshening' shoe insoles are usually just a pad with some fragrance in them, always look for high quality insoles that will last and provide you with fresh feet for longer! You can see Bama's Fresh'ins shoe insoles for sale at great value on eBay by clicking HERE.

Basic Shoe Insoles

For great value, you can look for basic shoe insoles which are padded to offer comfort and extra thickness to the sole of your shoe, but these are not used like 'feet freshening' insoles or cork insoles designed to reduce foot fatigue. These are also used as replacement base soles in shoes that have lost their base sole. Like any shoe insole, try to avoid low quality insoles  that will simply flatten in no time and offer no comfort what so ever.
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