Your options in the removal of unwanted concrete spills

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Decorating, redecorating and changes to the infrastructure all involve a hands on approach with various tools and substances to achieve the desired effect, concrete included. Although using concrete can open up many opportunities to create new rooms, fireplaces and other feature pieces accidents do happen.
Cleaning up unwanted concrete spills is not such an arduous task as it sounds. There are lots of options on the market for the efficient removal of concrete, some of which you may already have laying around the home. Here's some options you have for effective concrete removal.
Vinegar - Suitable for small patches or thin spreads the use of vinegar is cheap and easy to get hold of. Vinegar is used because of its highly acidic content, which is perfect for breaking down the bond of the concrete to the surface it has dried on to. The only thing with vinegar is that it generally needs a couple of hours to work properly. A long winded approach but it is safe to use around your family and is easy enough to get hold of.
Phosphoric acid - Acids are always dangerous to use so before using the phosphoric acid you would need to ensure your working area is highly ventilated. Ultimate care is needed when using this acid as there are many proved links connecting phosphoric acid to health problems. Being a much stronger substance than vinegar, phosphoric acid is more than suitable for larger concrete spills and patches. Depending on the solution you're using the waiting time will vary, the correct time will be found on the reverse of the product container.
Biodegradable and organic - The safest of the available options by far the biodegradable solution is suitable for use anywhere. Indoors, outdoors and around a young family organic acid based formulas such as the Biostrip Concrete Remover are strong but gentle. Making them efficient at the removal of concrete but gentle enough to pose no threat towards any users. Depending on the thickness of the cement spill the waiting time will vary but once it has worked you will simply be able to brush the concrete away.
With any concrete removal you will need to carefully judge which day you complete the task in order to prevent your chosen solution from evaporating too quickly. The ideal day is a dry but cool temperature with minimal humidity.
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