Yu-Gi-Oh - How to use YuGiOh Cards

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In this guide I will teach you how to use YuGiOh cards and how to distinguish the difference between different YuGiOh sets and the different card rarities. I have learnt this from my experience as a yugioh card dealer on ebay so I decided to write this guide to teach people the difference.

The diagram below shows the different parts of the card and what they do.

More Information

Card Number - the card number consists of a 3 digit letter code and the letter of the country of produce e.g. -E = England, -G = Germany, without a letter = US/Canada. The first three letters are an abbreviation of the card set the card is from e.g. MFC = Magicians Force, AST = Ancient Sanctuary, MRD = Metal Raiders.

Edition - There are three different types of edition in YuGiOh cards: LIMITED EDITION = mainly holofoil cards that appear at the beginning of an edition, 1st Edition, and Unlimited Edition = cards that do not have “1st Edition” on the card. Unlimited cards are made in large numbers so therefore are more common and tend to have a lower market value.

Rarity Information

Common - non holofoil

Short Print - non holofoil cards but not as widespread as common cards

Rare - non holofoil cards with a shiny silver card name

Ultra Rare - Holofoil card with a shiny gold card name

Super Rare - Holofoil card but without a shiny card name

Secret Rare - Holofoil card (with faint diagonal lines across picture) with a shiny silver card name

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope it was useful for you.

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