Zapp vs Zia

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Quinny Zapp - VS - Petite Star Zia

Having owned virtually every Pushchair that is on the Market, I always came back to the Quinny Zapp. I decided to bite the bullet and try out the new Petite Star Zia.

I thought i would write this guide, in hope to help you choose the Zapp or Zia??? Which 1???

~*~Quinny Zapp~*~ RRP: £150.00


  • Smallest Buggy in the World when Folded!!!

  • Ball Bearing wheels, that glide without much effort.

  • Can be used in Conjunction with a Maxi Cosi Carseat, forming a travelsystem.

  • Large Hood with lots of Viewing Panels for the Child.

  • Comes with a Strorage Bag, Raincover and Adaptors for Carseat.

  • Nice Strong Fabric and Colours.


  • DOES NOT RECLINE, Quinny say to use from 6 Months, my son who was nearly 3 years old still loved a Nap or 2, Not good :(

  • Very tricky to fold!!! you need both Hands and 1 foot when Folding.

  • Doesnt Lock together when folded, so transporting it can be abit tricky.

  • NO Basket!!, where are you suppose to put things??? Quinny say dont hang too much from handle as it tips! Believe me doesnt take much.

  • The Harness can be abit tricky at times, as you need to put the right 1 ontop of  the left 1 and then into the crotch pad, abit difficult when the child doesnt want to sit in.

  • The raincover can be abit of a task, and doesnt always stay in place.

  • Trying to get the Seat on and off the Frame, Can be very fiddly as it slides into the frame and you need to pull 4 parts all at the same time, to use the carseat the seat needs to be off the frame.

~*~Petite Star Zia~*~ RRP £100.00


  • IT LAYS BACK, Suitable from birth.

  • IT HAS A BASKET, Isnt the biggest, but it holds quite abit believe me. lol

  • Large Hood, has lots of viewing panels.

  • Smooth ride wheels.

  • Freestanding When Folded

  • When Folded it locks together!

  • To unfold buggy, simply pull the handles up and pull the middle bar up at the top.


  • Raincover is very easy to put on and features a roll up flap.

  • Harness is extremely easily to do, click 1 in and then the other 1, to undo press the middle button, simple.

  • The recline is Easy, simply pull the cord it goes down, pull the cord it goes up.

  • Comes with, Basket, Raincover and Harness pads.

  • Nice Fabric and colours.


  • At first abit fiddly to fold, Push top bar down abit, press button on inside and pull 2 small levers up (easy to do with 1 hand while holding baby, Ive tried and tested it!!!)

  • Slightly Bigger than the Zapp when folded, But saying that, its alot smaller than others and Its Lighter (Not sure if it should be in the CONS)


My overall Opinion, I would go for the ZIA anyday!!!!, It ticks every box for me, Folds small, light, Reclines, Has a Basket for items, Looks Fab, Cheaper than the Zapp.

What more could you want from a buggy?

I hope this Guide has helped in in choosing Between the Zapp and Zia.


Leanne x

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