Zenoah Engines for RC and Ped use

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Zenoah 1 G2D

or G2D engine where it all started a basic good hard working engine will generate about 1.5HP from its 23cc engine commonly found in basic gopeds and early 1/5 cars identified easily buy circular red kill switch.

Zenoah 2 G230

This is the developed version of the previous engine produced by zenoah for recreational high performance use, power 2.5HP from 22.5cc although known as 23cc.

This engine is the basis for most engines with various heads which vary capacity of the engine to 26, 27, 29 and 30.5cc it is also availbale in water cooled and a Heli variant.

CY engines

These are a Chinese copy of the Zenoah G230 and are identicle all parts  are directly interchangable however they do use an older design piston ring which is 1mm thick and does not provide as much compression as the genuine 0.8mm ring. These engines are identified buy a square kill switch in RED.

Any Technical help feel free to contact me through my shop MY SHOP

Please notes all spares and replacement parts are available from my shop details of how to rebuild engines, tune and fault find coming soon


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