Zumo or not to Zumo!

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I was looking for a GPS suitable for a bike and car, There were a couple of ( New ) options, The Zumo & The Rider both in the mid £300,

Niether being flush with unlimited cash or really wanting to spend so much on a system when car GPS are so much cheaper, I decided to look about for a used version or less modern equal,

I came across the Garmin Quest, there are a newer version called Quest 2, multi usable both suitable for cars & bikes, waterproof and the last of the high spec gps before mass cheap production took a grip of the UK.

The only downside I have found is the lack of post code searching, which is over come by name and number searching of the relevent street or if your a bit lazy like me, zoom the area, find by location and lock a route to find your destination, some times I find my way the quickest,

I took my Garmin Quest 1 to Tenerife in April 2008, it clearly showed the main road around the Island no problems, off the main road I used ( my location ) method to get up the Mountain, to find the lost Village of Maska, and a couple of other places, Im currently using V7, but know V8 is out, I would say before using this system abroad in a low coverage area check to see if there are any updates or mapping for that area, as with any GPS unit new or used, or exspect some funny off track driving.

In conclusion you don't need deep pockets to get a quality GPS I paid £79.95 got both car and bike cradles, V6/V7 mapping, USA & Canada, Full Europe mapping, car and home charger UK & Europe plugs, Even the codes and now recorded in my name, after half a dozen emails and a 2 week wait, but defo a Bargin.

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