Zune - Beats ipod!

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Heres a brief summary as to why a Zune is better then a ipod.
I have had a ipod video, sold it due to sound output problems. I had it for 13 months.
I bought my self a microsoft Zune.

Due to it having a very nice design, better battery life, and a larger screen.

Heres some simple features the Zune incorporates, that the ipod does not. (apple could easily add them but they choose not to so YOU the consumer buys there 'accesories')

  • Digital Radio (station info etc comes up on screen) - Apple sells these seperately
  • 3 inch screen ( looks dramatically bigger then the ipods)
  • Scratch resistant casing
  • WiFi
  • Better battery life for playing videos
  • Available in 3 different colours
  • Changeable themes
  • MUCH better designed GUI
  • An innovative design (ipods never changed besides that monster 3g ipod with the individual buttons)
  • Customisable wallpaper backgrounds

On discussion forums, ive read from the ipod fanboys that Apple cares for the customers etc. I guess thats why they sell products which scratch up VERY easily, products which always have problems ( i genuinely dont know any one who has had an ipod longer then 12 months problem free)

Also, those are some of the features Apple could incorporate into there products, radio, wifi, better materials for the casing's etc. But they chose not to as they know it inevitably means more money for them.

Also take into the fact that Apple releases the ipod in two flavors, for example the 30gb (14 hours music 2 hours video) and 60gb (20 hours music 4 hours video ) ipod video. They make the 'premium' ipod, have the better battery life, thats the only real difference, they could of just as easily incorporated the better battery life into the lower ipod, but choose not, not a very customer focused company are they ?

I give my opinion because i for one had an ipod video, i loved it to bits in its day. Then i got the zune, and seriously wouldnt go back to ipod now.

I highly recomend the zune, the screen size seems much larger then the ipods, so perfect for watching videos. the fact of not having to worry about the housing of the device getting scratched to bits simply being in your pocket is an added bonus too     : )

Of course the ipod has the greater market share out of all the MP3 market, but realistically it lacks on features, things that can easily be incorporated into it. We all know about microsofts rich's, and therefore we can safely assume the zune will only get better still with updates.

To shortern all that out ^^^^^  - The zune is EVERYTHING the ipod should be.

If you want a device which will scratch to bits, has poor battery life, lacks on features & cant really be customized,. then buy an ipod.

If you want a device that can be customized, is scratch resistant, is VERY rich in features, has a larger screen (better for watching videos) better battery life & changeable themes, then buy a Zune.

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